Surgery october 20th/Updates

7 years after my right side, my left side will be taken out on friday.

It will be done extraorally in „Universitätsklinikum Eppendorf“ in Hamburg/Germany

Styloid is about 5,8 cm long, it has grown a bit over the last 7 years.

Tbh im much more anxious than i was last time but hey: Lets get this thing done once and for all.


I didn’t realize it has been so long since your first surgery, @Benyon. 5.8 cm is VERY LONG!! I’m sure you’ll feel better once it’s gone.
Thank you for letting us know. I’ll put your surgery date on my calendar & will be praying for you. Please give us an update after surgery when you feel up to it. :hugs:


You’ve got this! Will be thinking of you…


Wow, like @Isaiah_40_31 says, has it really been 7 years since your 1st surgery?! I hope that this next surgery goes well for you, best wishes & God bless :pray:


Hi Benyon,
Good luck for your surgery on Friday! I’m thinking of you and will be sending positive vibes too. Also all the best for a speedy recovery.
Beste Grüße :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :four_leaf_clover:


Hey Everybody!

Its done!

Its out!

Its over!

Feeling kinda good for 2 hours after surgery but that doesnt mean much, as i know from last time :wink:

Will post the next few dass/weeks/months about my healing process

I have a very good feeling though :slight_smile:


So pleased for you, take care of yourself, at least you know what to expect! :hugs: :pray:

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Thank you for the update, @Benyon! I’m so glad all went well. Now for a smooth & quick recovery! Keep that ice pack handy & remember to sleep with your head elevated. The rest is up to the pain meds to help with. :wink: :hugs:


Wow! Good for you! Hope your recovery goes well. :pray:


Just talked to one of the surgeons and he told me that the whole prozessus was removed to the skull base and also part of the skull base was removed…oh, and it was fractured too with a very significant kink…

Its day one, im feeling better than last time, the area that is sore and/or numb is much smaller this time. Its very early days but i guess this is good news :slight_smile:

Apart from that, of course there is pain in the operated area

Time for healing


So pleased that you’re feeling better than last time & that they’ve been able to remove all the styloid! I had a drain like yours, I found that it was really uncomfortable & hard to rest with, worse than the incision. How long is yours in for?

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Yess exactly! The drain bothers me most right now to be honest. I only slept for 3 hours last night, its almost impossible to find a comfortable position with this thing hanging around :sweat_smile:

Especially when making sure that my head and upper body are elevated at least in a 30degree position.

They will probably take it out tomorrow, depending on if there is any more bloodflow thats what they said.


Good, the sooner you get rid of it the better, although it’s obviously doing it’s job! :hugs:

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You look really amazing so soon after surgery! Thank you for the pictures. I hope the drain does come out tomorrow for you (it’s already tomorrow where you are vs. where I am. :joy:). Great to know you’re feeling better than after your first surgery. I also did better after my second surgery but mine was 9 mos after the first, not 7 yrs. :wink:


Day 2 post surgery was quite good

Drain is finally out and i was able to sleep for a few hours. Also went out for a few walks. The pain is totally under control with metamizol/novalgin.

Swelling and numbness is much better than last time. Im spending another night in hospital and will be released home to my wife and kids tomorrow :slight_smile:


All good news! Congratulations )))

Super good news! I’m really glad recovery is much easier for you so far!

That’s really good news, take care when you get home, I hope you can get enough rest!

Day 4 post surgery

At home and feeling very good. Slept for about 10 hours

Pain is totally controllable with only 2 ibuprofen per day.

Cant open my jaw too wide yet and chewing on hard food is a no go but apart from that i dont have any problems.

No signs of FSB and also not much numbness, only a bit around the scar.

This is so much better than last time, i think Dr. Blake did an awesome job :slight_smile:

Also the incision is much smaller than last time and at a total different spot


That’s super good news! I’m so glad your recovery is going smoothly.

Did Dr. Blake do your first surgery?