Surgery performed by 3 surgeons,ENT, VASCULAR and NUEROLOGIST

I have read somewhere on site that someone had their eagles bone removed by having: ENT surgeon to deal with calcified bone : vascular surgeon to deal with artery and nuerologist to deal with the main nerves involved. This is the second time that I need the bone removed(first time 10 years ago), its pressing on the carotid artery and my consultant took me to theatre early last year but did'nt proceed as it was too life threatening.The bones have now come into my throat on both sides again.If anyone can give me information on surgery using 3 surgeons,even America, I will be very grateful.I'm hoping that there is someone, a surgeon, who could speak to my doctor. I have an appointment to see him on 25th Feb, help!! Jan x

Hi Jan, I’m sorry that I don’t know of any surgeon teams to suggest, but I just wanted to wish you luck and tell you that I hope that you do find such a team so that you can get the best medical care possible.

Best wishes!

Thank you x

Jan -

I don’t know who you saw for your original surgery but Mr. Axon in Cambridge has done hundreds of ES surgeries & might be more comfortable helping you if you haven’t had your current situation taken care of.

I see that your original post was from 2013. Since it’s 6 years later, are you just living w/ the problem or did you find someone to do your surgery?

Hi, I’ve only just found your message.Both of the Eagles have grown again, the left one is at an angle and is pressing on my carotid artery.It’s trying to break through into my throat but is blunt so has’nt broken the skin yet.The pain is awful and I choke a lot.I have seen 6 surgeons in UK but no one will operate as it’s too dangerous.I will get my ENT specialist to contact Mr Axon, thank you for the information x