Surgery scheduled for October 18th.... eeeek!

Hello fellow Eagle Friends!

I feel relieved and terrified at the same time…. I am sure it sounds familiar! My surgery is scheduled for October 18th ! (The right side first)

Just a quick recap: I saw Dr Sam last Wednesday who sent me for yet another CT Brain + Sinus scan. He wanted to rule out more issues and also wanted to read Dr Neil’s last report and recommendations, after he had seen the MRI and Bone scan. Luckily I had an appointment with Dr Neil later on that same day. I do have a degenerated disc in C5/C6 and said that he would give my cortisone injections for pain relief. That alone scared the living daylights out of me and my response to this was that I will have to think about that. I would really want my styloid ligaments removed first…. Dr Neil agreed that my current symptoms are more related to Eagles so he went ahead and dictated the letter to Dr Sam. I like the way some of these specialists operates! They are so ‘transparent’ in their approach which I think gives one more confidence and respect in them.

So today was my follow up, after the Brain + Sinus scan. Dr Sam was happy to offer me to have the surgery but like all surgical procedures there are no guarantees which I totally understand. No one wants to over promise and under deliver ever. I am open minded as well and said there will be many people praying for both of us!

I am terrified, yes… I don’t like to be anaesthetized at all. It just scares me. So my fellow Eagle friends just remember when you think of me you have to think almost 16 hours ahead, lol! A friendly reminder that we in Australia live in the ‘future’ lol!

I would appreciate any advice greatly – I will try and recap all the advice shared here. It’s just a little hard sometimes as I work full time and will be up until the surgery.

Thanking you all in advance! Take care and remember Eagles aren’t for sissies; we are one big group of strong spirited people!

That’s great :slight_smile: you will be ok. Not long now ill be.thinking of you xxx

Hooray Bubbles, I sent you a message before I read the update blogs and discussions. October 18th will be here before you know it. Remember, we are here for you. I understand all your fears and concerns about deciding on surgery. I was terrified about going through another surgery especially when I had a very bad experience with surgery five years ago. Don't hesitate to contact me o.k. God bless you and keep you positive for your upcoming surgery,

Your friend with lots of good thoughts and prayers,


Praying for you. God is faihful.

That is awesome news Bubbles. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. You will be just fine.

Bubbles, where do you live? No one wants to take my case and I'm going crazy. I do have all my neck fixed; cervical fusions from top to end. Believe me, this is far worse. I need a brave surgeon to take care of this. Eagles aren't for sissy patients; but for sissy doctors either. :(