Surgery Tomorrow at Northwestern in Chicago with Dr Bove

Hello everyone!!

Well, the day I have prayed for and feared at the same time is upon me...I am going to Northwestern in Chicago tomorrow afternoon to have my left Styloid Process taken out by Dr Bove. He is going to try and go through my throat as it is less invasive than going to the neck although if he can't get it that way it will be the neck after all. If he can get it through the throat, it will be an hour and a half surgery then recovery for a couple hours then home. If he had to go through the throat, then I will be spending the night.

I wish I had more to tell you all about him but when he came in and told me he was going to fix me, all rational thought was gone. I will make sure I have a pad and paper tomorrow before surgery to ask him questions..if ANYONE has a questions they would like me to ask for them message me and I will make sure to ask him and respond as soon as possible!!

I want you all to know that without you all, I would have given up. You have been my strength, support and friends throughout this whole process....

I Love you all!!!


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Yes..he is taking the tonsil out and I am more worried about the recovery pain then the surgery!!!!!

Good luck and God Bless, praying for a successful surgery and quick recovery! Please let us know when you can how you're doing,


Good luck Imunique. All the best and we will be thinking of you.


I believe that this is the doctor that I saw at Northwestern and was very impressed with him and he referred me to one of their speech therapists at Northwestern who was awesome. I found the following about him which should be very reassuring for you. I really like Northwestern and used to have all of my doctors there until I had to switch primary doctors and ended up at Northshore which I really like.

Otolaryngologist (ear, nose, throat)
11 years of experience
Video profile
Accepting new patients
West Side
1901 W Harrison St
Chicago, IL 60612 Phone number & directions
? / 4 3 reviews



Medical School Score Rankings
Yeshiva University (2000)
Top 50%

Awards & Distinctions

Compassionate Doctor Recognition (2012 - 2013)
Top 10 Doctor - City (2014)
Chicago, IL
American Academy of Otolaryngology: Head and Neck Surgery
American Rhinologic Society
National Spasmodic Dysphonia Association


Dr. Bove is affiliated with 2 hospitals.

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I will be praying for you and thinking of you…wishing you success and a speedy recovery!

Good luck, Imunique! I’ve been 8 years with symptoms - still no diagnosis. Hoping one day to find the right doctor and to be able to get help too… Thinking of you and wishing you all the best for a successful surgery and a quick recovery! Please keep us updated when you’re able to!

Good luck Imunique!

Please notice only the Tonsillectomy recovery takes up to three weeks.

Ok...some answers....

Dr Bove is the above mentioned doctor. He has done about 10 eagle surgeries. He prefers to go through the throat because it is less invasive and more of a straight shot to the styloid. Going through the neck is a longer route and leaves a scar and I would have to stay the night in the hospital. I asked him if I could keep it but unfortunately it need to go to pathology. He is however going to take a picture!!!! Again if anyone has any questions for the doctor message me and I will ask at my postoperative appointment!!!


Joy's the day after surgery and I cannot begin to tell you all the relief I feel right now. Except for some swallowing pain due to the tonsil being taken out, I have been drinking warm tea and eating soft food all day!! Even had beef stew for dinner. I can talk and took a shower this morning and my husband had to threaten to tie my mouth with a gag if I didn't stop talking to everybody on the phone. Thinking I might go back to work next week!!!! Dr Bove was AMAZING!!! I was blessed to have found him so close to me. A great doctor and man. Very compassionate and patient with me.

What a lovely bulletin to wake up to Imunique. So happy for you.

I have been thinking of you since your surgery…I am thankful that you are feeling as well as expected or better…continued prayers for healing for you…have a great day and weekend!

Fantastic news, Imunique! I’m so happy everything went well! You felt immediate relief from symptoms after waking up from surgery? Did you do one side or both? Hope you continue to have a successful recovery!:slight_smile:

Really happy for you, Imunique!

Great news, take it slowly! God Bless, Jules

He only did one side. He told me he wasn't going to touch the other unless i start to have symptoms, then he will do something. I agreeed totally!! He is an amazing man and even better doctor! i am actually thinking of going back to work next week. I am an office clerk so that should not be too taxing!!

I also want to thank you all so very very much for you support! I have been so blessed finding you all. When I wanted to give up, you all picked me up and pushed me on. When I finally found someone to help you all celebrated with me. Now you are cheering me on my recovery! Words excape me and emotions overwhelm me.....

many prayers and hugs for you, dear...keep us all posted on your speedy recovery!!

I am so happy to hear that you feel great so quickly! It makes me less nervous for my surgery in March! Thank you for posting!

So happy to hear you got through surgery! It makes me feel hopeful about my own future. Thank you for posting and try to take it easy!

Immunique, Great to hear of your success and confidence with Dr Bove. He sounds like he’s good with the nerve / vascular aspect of this … Correct? I’d love to see a Doc who cN diagnose then go in and fix anything that is wrong! Happy to hear of your success! God Bless.