I am on at 11 tomorrow for having the surgery interoraly i am scared but i am scared about this entire thing of ES any words of comfort?

So pleased that you're getting this done quickly! Tiago78 had surgery on Thursday he said he was a bit sore, had some numbness around his jaw, but could eat, drink and talk- although his was externally done.

I think Isiah 40:31's verse says it all! Praying for you,


No worries sweetie! Sending prayers and good thoughts your way! ♥

You'll be great! Just think about how it'll all be over soon and you'll no longer have to suffer the pain from that little styloid process. Just remember to give your body the time to heal from the surgery. You'll feel tired and sleepy right afterwards and that's entirely natural! Just take the time to relax and your neck will miraculously heal really quickly.

Thinking of you...sending you good thoughts and prayers!!!! Know you are not alone He is with you always!!!

Sending good wishes you way

You'll do GREAT! "You are fearfully & wonderfully made!" This is the verse God gave me before my surgery. He has a plan for your life. He will be with you. Look up. Lean Hard. Keep on Trusting.

So glad you found a surgeon who could take care of you so quickly. I'll be praying for you tomorrow (8 a.m. CA time).

Much love,

Isaiah 40:31

Dear Gods Blessing, I hope everything went well and that the surgery will resolve your pains! I wish you a speedy recovery! Sending prayers and best wishes your way!

We are still here for you, sweetie, sending prayers and best wishes your way!!

Praying that all went well for you, and that you are healing and resting well!