Symptom questions

Hello again, I just posted for the first time and my list of unanswered symptoms feel like it can go on and on. Is neuropathy and swelling in the legs (both) possible from eagle’s? No doctor can tell me why my calves swell up and had so many tests done plus lots of pins and needles in my feet. Can this be blood flow issues and circulation because of compression caused by eagle’s?

In theory there’s no link, but members have experienced weird symptoms! Some members have studied in detail all the muscles & the effects painful muscles in the neck (from ES) can have further down the spine…
This discussion about the lymph system might be interesting, @PatientD has posted some good info:
Coping mechanisms for jugular compression - General - Living with Eagle
We’ve had a couple of members with May Thurner syndrome too- a pelvic condition where the iliac vein can be compressed- so if you search for that in the previous discussions you can get some info.


Hi, so at the start of my ill health journey I had lots of foot related issues investigated, so yes I think VES can cause foot nerve problems. They looked at my hands too but all the usual most common stuff they know about and look for came back as negative. foot got so bad I ended up buying a foot boot & wearing it for a month so foot could heal itself. They gave me lots of steroids in to toe joints. On calves I did get very tight calves but not swelling I think. I can’t prove it but based on my own experience I think trapped fluid & nerve issues can create a wide variety of issues in body that can change from time to time or more rapidly. If our brain/CNS is affected then it can affect different parts of our body. but I had both CCI & VES. I’d advise getting a Helios device for home use and putting it on your feet, it will help, maybe it will help your calves too, worth a try. D


No doctor I have seen has been able to give me any explanation for it, but my calves almost always get super tight as a precursor to my most severe headaches and neck pain. I have been diagnosed with Internal Jugular Vein (IJV) compression on both sides as well as elongated and fattened styloids.

So, scientifically the jury is still out, but anecdotally, yes. Vein compression seems to potentially have a connection to leg cramps.