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I have been newly diagnosed with ES. I have had severely debilitating symptoms for nine years now. Although I am so glad to finally be on the right path now, I am extremely scared about the future and if I can ever recover. I know recovery is different for everyone, but I would be so grateful to hear positive stories of recovery! I would love to hear what symptoms you had that were greatly reduced/cured from your surgery. Thank you!

Following, I was just recently diagnosed as well.

Hi, I’m six months post op. My surgery went very well. My recovery is taking time but I’m getting there. You are correct in the fact that we all recover differently. I’m am a very healthy person other than Eagle Syndrome.
My symptoms were facial pain, ear pain and loud tinnitus. I’m very happy that the facial pain has gone. I still have some ear pain and my
tinnitus is still lingering but I’m still hopeful that in time it to will heal. Who is your surgeon? I wish all the very best.

Thank you so much for taking the time to reach out to me.:relaxed:I am so glad to hear things are looking up for you!! I’m praying for that day! I don’t currently have a surgeon. After 9 years of debilitating symptoms, a TMJ specialist just diagnosed me a little over a month ago. The CBCT of the jaw stated that I have bilateral calcification extending 4.7. I sent my scan to Dr. Samji, but he needs a better scan. I’m currently waiting for that scan to be scheduled. I’m in the waiting phase and so desperate for relief. Thank you for sharing your positive outcome with me.:blush:

Hi! I’m 9 months post left side surgery and 4 months post right side surgery. Both procedures are went well, though I had a reaction to one of the meds used during the first surgery.

Preop I was constantly dizzy - worse after skating or driving for a while from the constant head motion - lived with a pressure headache, noticed runs of tachycardia when I turned my head and almost passed out a couple of times. You can read my full story if you want to, I’m sure there are things I’m leaving out. I am a very active person, so taking the time off that I needed was hard but much better than going back too soon.

Now that I’ve had both surgeries I am pleased to say everything we knew was caused by the eagles is gone - I still have tinnitus and the sinus issues - and I am back to normal life. If/when you get surgery I would highly recommend a wedge pillow, and I found out when mom and I got covid that bigger is better. I was able to mostly comfortably rest on mine, but the extra few inches mom has makes a big difference. We got hers from target.

I’ll upload scar pictures as well, mine were both external but I know every doctor has a slightly different approach.
This is my left side

And my right

I’m so sorry happy that your surgeries went well. I’m six plus months post op and praying that my tinnitus will go away or maybe be at a lower volume. I only had it in my right ear before surgery and now I have it in both ears and very loud. I’m hoping that it’s just the nerves healing.
But I’m extremely happy that my facial pain is gone. I hope that you continue to recover.

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