Symptoms date back since my teens

Hi I am new. I was informed back in 2012 they suspect i have Eagle Syndrome when i had a CT of cervical spine following a MVA. In 2009 i broke my neck (c6) that luckly only required hard collar for 3.5 months.
The findings did see an avulsion of my c1 basically it represented a bone frag off the main body of the vertebrate. But, also it was noted that i have bilateral elongated styloid process suggestive of Eagle Syndrome. They both measure “at least” 3.7 cm.
Growing up i always had an itchy throat that always required me to harshly exhale so i would get relief from itch. As you know its in that area where it cannot be itched! Ive also had ear aches here and there.
Recently i got over chicken pox and had awful left ear ache, mildly in my right, salivate a lot which makes me have to swallow a lot, i have to blow air out of my nose to taste at times, throat pain, outer eye pain, and a headache since 1.5 months ago. Dr appt romorrow. Dentist knows i was diagnosed but doesnt think my symtoms have nothing to do with ES. How odd? Norm length is 2 -2.5 , correct. Im atleast 3.7. It makes me sad that he thinks this way. I just need answers and treatment for my symptoms. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I almost want my symptoms to be ES because then i can be treated! Its been such a difficult time not knowing what’s wrong with me.