Symptoms when head is in extension (slightly raised up, looking up)

Does extending the neck. E.g looking up triggers the symptoms? Like does this position lead to the styloid compressing the IJV for example?

I have massive headache, insomnia, shallow breathing, nervousness, gastroparesis etc, when my head is extended.

Anyone else?

Usually it’s head down/ chin tuck position which brings the styloids into contact with the IJVs I believe, looking up would maybe affect one of the arteries or it could be that you’re irritating the vagus nerve when looking up as the vagus nerve irritation can cause heart arrythmias, anxiety and digestive issues.
Some of the symptoms you mention on your profile page do sound like they could be IJV compression though…


I think it also depends on the thickness of the styloids & angles/curve they’re growing.

I think its IJV compression because clearly blood is trapped in my head and i never feel refreshed. I just didn’t know looking upwards can affect the IJV…

So there are instances where looking upwards can affect the IJV depending on styloid position?

Mine is looking down or holding onto anything, like the phone or even wearing a hat or head against a pillow!
My right collateral vein has constriction at base of skull affecting my jugulars and is compressed between C1 process.

Me too heads against pillow is terrible and even causes insomnia.

How did you diagnose it? And i heard using a wedge pillow helps

Using a wedge pillow helps with the increased head pressure you can get with IJV compression, I had a v-shaped pillow too as that seems to take the pressure off the sides of my neck.

Do you have amazon links?

I don’t mind purchasing asap

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Dr. Hauser of Caring Medical recommends laying down for 5 minutes every hour. My compression has subsided (I suspect due to reduced swelling) but this was helpful for me. So sorry for your suffering.
(FYI not endorsing his treatments as I’ve not seen research to back up his claims) …


CT angiogram of head and neck. Hepworth did a jugular ultrasound. Will be doing a jugular decompression as well as stenting of left transverse sinus (which is the brain). He’s also removing partial or full removal of thyroid.


Hi @Lababila - sorry I missed answering your question. Besides length the things that determine which head positions cause symptoms are how curved, thick, twisted, & even pointed the styloids are. I think that any head position can cause symptoms depending on the condition of the styloids. Looking up is a more rare head position for causing symptoms but not unheard of.

As far as wedge pillows go, you can get a basic wedge pillow for about $40 from Amazon & up to a couple of hundred dollars for an adjustable incline wedge pillow. I bought mine at Bed Bath & Beyond for $25 but it wasn’t memory foam & I had to pile a bunch of bed pillows on it to increase the incline to 30º which is what’s recommended post op. The incline probably doesn’t need to be that high to relieve head pressure.

Try searching Amazon for adjustable wedge pillows. Many will come up & you can decide what will fit your budget & needs.


Why decompression?

Will removing the styloid not be sufficient?

Do you mind explaining more

Does this mean you sleep for only 5 minutes every hour even at night?

Or you have to be upright?

Also was this for eagle syndrome?

If you have vascular issues, removing the styloid in itself, is not sufficient. You need to be sure afterwards as well the flow is adequate. What was causing the flow issues? Get as much imaging and testing as possible prior to surgery and vet your surgeon well. I will say Hep is the bomb and found things other Surgeons did not. Annino is strictly styloid removal. He wanted to remove both when I only needed one side done. My opinion, Costantino, Fargen and of course Hepworth are very good at this. There are probably others. Hep is not taking new patients currently. Hep also picked up on that I probably have other vascular issues going on elsewhere and am getting imaging done to check for May Thurner, Nutcracker. I am also headed to get a dynamic venogram to check for pressure gradients prior to surgery. It seems a lot. Remember, it’s best to know ahead of time what you and your surgeon are dealing with. There’s been far too many who have regretted surgery with the wrong surgeon and have had to deal with revisions.


Sorry for the confusion! It means during the day to lay down flat for 5 minutes every hour to give your internal jugular veins a chance to drain. I’ll try to find the video.


@Lababila I had symptoms when I looked up. As @Isaiah_40_31 said, alot depends on the thickness and angle of the styloids.

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what is a v-shaped pillow? I can’t quite visualize that but am super curious. Can you pop a photo or link to one?

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They’re also used for nursing babies…


Are you able to find it please