T.V Show

On the good DR. Show tonight on channel 7 a patient has Eagle syndrome and she is going to go through with the surgery first time I’ve ever seen this topic put out on a TV show

That’s great! Really good to get more publicity, hope that the op is done well!
How are you doing, & your family?

Faimly wise been really rough since Aug 27
As for me I am hanging in there doing chiropractor I gained few pounds lol
My family Dr said I am doing great and to keep doing what I am doing I am perfect!!
How are you doing and feeling?

Could you please tell me date of show so I can watch it

It was last night 2/10 /20
The Good Dr. Name of the show.

Sorry you have family problems, but pleased that the ES is manageable.
I am good thanks!

Hi Gods_blessing!

Good to see you back again. I’m also glad you’re managing your ES w/o surgery so far. I know some of your children have it too. Have any of them had surgery? I’m also sorry to hear that family life has been hard. I’ll pray for you to have peace & for the problems to resolve.


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Thank you so much!!
As for the kids no surgery just the chiropractor :slightly_smiling_face: