Take part in clinical research?

Does anyone know how we could take part in research for ES? Or about any current research that is happening?

Hi Sarah,

Research takes years & lots of money. As far as I know, ES is rare enough that no one has sought funding to do research on it.

If someone on this forum knows otherwise, please speak up.

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Thanks Isaiah :pensive:

I don’t know the name of the doctor but I was asked if I could be by my eye specialist if I could be contacted by a Dr at UNC Chapel Hill who is doing research on Eagles. I said yes and am suppose to be contacted. I will let you know when I here. I just had the bilateral syloid process removed this past Monday so in the healing process now.

Hope that you recover well from surgery, and that you soon see improvements!

Thank you!

I’m so glad ES surgery is behind you & also hope you heal quickly & with great results!

So far amazing!


That’s what we like to hear!!