Those with EDS or suspected EDS what helps you?

I have so far found that cold showers and meditation have helped, but the thing that has helped the most that I have only recently started is physical therapy. Just targeting strength even if some areas were painful has helped a lot. Surprisingly scapula stabilization exercises has helped my neck and TMJ greatly in the past two weeks. Any other suggestions or thoughts on the journey you have had? I’ve found from surfing this forum that many people with ES also have EDS or suspected EDS.


You may want to try dry needing (not accupuncture, but dry needling, just get a good specialist who is a pro at identifying tight muscles and knows the trigger points to release them). If your root cause of styloid elongation is body trying to stabilize the head/neck due to spasmed/stiff muscles and overall muscle imbalance, this might help to release the tension.

Details and how it works: Dry needling - Physiopedia

P.S. Always do a good muscle massage after excercising, to let them recover and relax, otherwise they might be unable to rid of all the lactic acids, get enough oxygen etc.

Update: something else - don’t read, don’t use phone etc in bed, as that keeps muscles very out of balance, no matter if you lie on your stomach, back or side


I have found that warm water aerobics to be helpful the most after decades of trying just about everything.IF I can follow it with a steam shower and dry sauna…its like heaven. I found out about warm water aerobics (look for arthritis classes) at an all day seminar on Fibromyalgia. It was several years later, I was officially diagnosed with EDS. Ive had proliferon injections in my neck to supposidy help strengthen it. Not so sure about the helpfulness in the long run.
I get regular massage to keep my shoudlers and neck from stiffening up too much but another one other huge help is getting craniosacral therapy from a highly experienced and trained professional. Its very subtle work but very helpful especially if you have unstable neck and tmj. I swear by it but havent recently found a good practioner where I live. Alot of Osteopaths have some training. Many PT’s/OT’s will say they can do it but just attending a few weekend seminars doesnt cut it in my book.
Here is link to upledger school and they have a “find a practioner” search engine.

An osteopath I saw recommended Pilates and concentrate on my core for the EDS. Specifically said to use pilates machines only and do not do the the mat pilates. I tore ligaments in my wrist from doing down dogs in yoga. I no longer can do any exercise that requires my wrist and hands.I have tried dry needling. I thought that was helpful too.