Throat issues and fatigue

I am on my 2.5 months post operation.But I am still experiencing some of my previous symptoms. I feel something is stuck in my right side of pharynx all the time and feel food is logged there whatever I eat. I have also some mild pain in my ear…I am really worried. I am now taking clonazepam, pregabalin and Multivitamin. I feel fatigued all the day.

Do you have eagles on both sides (bilateral)? Was your surgery just on one side?

yes, I have bilateral. But right side is symptomatic. I had my surgery intraoral.
Now I am having problem in my right side though doctor cut styloid 2 cm off.


How much of the styloid did the doctor leave behind & did he smooth off the part he left in? If not enough of the styloid was removed (some doctors leave +/-1 cm of styloid), or if the tip of the remaining styloid isn’t smoothed off, symptoms can remain post op. Do you know if your surgeon checked to see if you have calcified stylohyoid ligaments? If you have any calcification on your right stylohyoid ligament, then the ligament needs to be removed as well. Even in the absence of an elongated styloid, calcification on the stylohyoid ligament can cause ES symptoms.

Additionally, we have noted that some people w/ bilateral ES get “crossover symptoms” i.e. when one styloid is removed the symptoms caused by the remaining styloid can refer to the already operated on side though there are usually also symptoms on the non-operated on side as well.

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