Throat pain when I have good posture

I’m writing this to ask others if this is something that is common in this group. I have jugular vein compression (on MRI) but am waiting for a CT scan to confirm it’s caused by the styloid or calcified ligament. For the past days I’ve been focusing on my posture with putting my head up, trying to get a good neck curve. I used to doubt having eagles but now after sitting in good posture for let’s say 10 minutes I start getting a real lump in my throat. I used to not have this, I used to have horrible posture, slouched back and looking down but not pulling my neck back and up I start getting a lump in my throat. Is this normal? Is this part of Eagles? Would this mechanism be explained by a calcified ligament or styloid?

Pushing head up will unlikely fix the curve, more likely cause more spasms and reinforce neck stiffness, imho. Physiotherapy is much better idea, but it is complicated to properly perform various exercises with elongated styloids/ossified ligaments in place, as they restrict certain movements, and subconsciously tell the body/brain to use compensatory mechanisms.


The angle the styloids grow alters the symptoms people get considerable, any change in posture then alters their position even more. Such a shame that concentrating on your posture is making your ES symptoms worse!
There’s been lots of discussions about posture & the changes in anatomy, many posted by @vdm, so if you’re able you could have a search of older discussions.

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