Time table of e consults?

I was wondering what your experiences with e consults were and how long you had to wait. My rheumatologist referred me to a local ent but from what I’ve heard it won’t be extremely helpful and its gonna be in late june :dizzy_face: I was thinking of sending my scan online to the morrison clinic or scrambling around to find a different local ent who can get me in fast and confirm whats going on.

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Unfortunately, for new patients, there’s a long wait to get an initial appt. There are a couple of doctors on our forum who will do video consults (for a fee) so you wouldn’t have to go anywhere. You would need to call to make an appt. & send a copy of your CT scan (most want hard copies not soft ones so you may need to pay to get an extra couple of copies i.e. one for you to keep & a couple to send off for virtual consults or give away to local docs you see).

Dr. Cognetti in Philadelphia is one but he’s likely scheduling out a couple of months, too. Dr. Samji in San Jose, California, is another one & you may be able to chat with him sooner. I believe Dr. Osborne in Los Angeles also does virtual ES consults. You should check w/ your insurance company to see if they will pay for a virtual consult & a second opinion. You could try calling Dr. Old’s office to see if he does virtual consults since he’s a bit closer to you than the others I’ve mentioned.

•Dr Cognetti, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Philadelphia 215- 955- 6760 (Has done many successful surgeries on members). Only removes ligaments if calcified. https://hospitals.jefferson.edu/find-a-doctor/c/cognetti-david-m.html

•Dr Hussein Samji, Camino ENT Clinic, San Jose 408- 227- 6300 Camino Ear, Nose & Throat Clinic (one of the most experienced ES surgeons in the US, does external surgery.) Contact his medical assistant Yerelin@caminoent.com for a faster response. (Dr. Samji doesn’t believe in vES).

•Dr. Ryan Osborne - Los Angeles ENT Doctors ENT Specialists Surgeons Cedars Sinai Medical

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I called Dr Old’s office they seemed very interested in my case and said they could look at my scan in advance and if they saw eagles they could get me in a few weeks. I messaged my rheum with a plea to refer me to him since their office even told me over the phone that a local ent would be of no use to me if I have eagles. Still waiting on a response. She’s very kind and thorough so I’m trying to remain optimistic.


I hope that you can get referred there! Well done for pushing yourself :+1:

HOORAY for Dr. Old’s office suggesting that your ENT referral will most likely be of no use & a waste of time & $. Too many of our members have had treatment put off because they chases useless referrals - many out of necessity for insurance compliance. I hope your rheumatologist gives you that referral straight away!!

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