Quick question on waiting for Dr

I sent my CT scan a week ago to Dr. Cognetti. I was wondering if anyone knew how long I would be waiting to hear back? In searching the forum I found one person who waited 3 months. If he is really booked and going to take a long time I have considered looking around and maybe trying to send CT to another Dr who is not as busy. I guess I have become impatient in my pain and I really just want to know if it is Eagles.

I would follow up w/ a phone call if I were you - just to confirm that his office received your CT scan & to get an answer as to how long you might expect to wait to be contacted. His office staff should be able to answer both those questions. I think most others going the consult route haven’t had to wait terribly long. Perhaps the mail was slow due to the weather & your info didn’t get there as quickly as you’d expect.

I don’t blame you for being impatient. His office should show you courtesy by acknowledging receipt of your CT scan if nothing else!