Tinnitus worse after surgery?

Good morning! I had a L styloidectomy and R omohyoid myectomy in early February. Since surgery, my tinnitus seems worse and vision seems worse- blurry and periods of double vision. Does this sound normal/similar to you?
Thank you

@Nikkimm - Have you talked to your surgeon about the increase in these symptoms? You’re still in somewhat early recovery especially since your surgery was a bit more complex than some. It can take 6-8 weeks for the post op swelling that causes symptoms to increase to settle down so nerves can begin recovering more effectively. Also, if you have bilateral ES, sometimes it’s unclear which symptoms are being caused by which styloid until one is removed, thus symptoms that don’t go away or get worse can be from the remaining styloid.


That’s rough, going through surgery & having some symptoms worsen or new ones appear :hugs:
Might be worth seeing an ophthalmologist to get your vision checked out…
I hope that it’s just nerves irritated from surgery and that this settles soon :pray: :hugs:


Hi @Nikkimm - I experienced the same - tinnitus worsened and vision issues after styloidectomy in 2021. I saw several optometrists and ophthalmologists because the double vision was so strange, but mine is correctable with glasses and no underlying issues with the optic nerves were identified. I wore glasses before surgery, so I’ve just had to change prescriptions a few times to deal with the vision changes. It does take some time for all the swelling to go away and my vision has stabilized with time. Sometimes tinnitus can be related to medications - aspirin really triggers mine - so it’s worth researching that a little. Mine also seems to have improved over time, but I know that our brains get used to the internal noise and filter it out some, too. Final note - I think most of us are hyper-aware of symptoms before and after surgery, and I wanted everything to be fixed and normal quickly. As our wonderful moderators point out frequently, it takes a long time for the inflammation to go down and for nerves to heal. 2 and a half years after my surgery, I think I am finally there.


Thanks so much! I know I’m super early at 4 1/2 weeks, it’s just hard to be patient when we’re all on this road for so long. It’s very good to know your history with vision correction. That’s what I was hoping to hear, I’ll give it a bit before I go in for an exam. Glad to hear you’re doing better!!


So pleased that things have improved for you @Catmd and thank you for coming back to support others :hugs:


I really appreciate you sharing your recovery story @Catmd! Thank you for sharing it as an encouragement for @Nikkimm. :heart::hugs:

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