Has anyone found anything at all to help with tinnitus? My ears sometimes ring so loud I can barely hear the tv at night over it. Seems like when I have a bad flare up its even worse and sometimes certain medications seem to make it worse as well. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I use headphones a lot to combat tinnitis. Not the over ear ones as they cause jaw ache but the ear buds work great. Not sure how you could watch tv though....maybe wireless earbuds?

No, not for me, surgery did not help the tinnitus. I have had it for 10 years. Lipoflavinoids, seems to help me. It is a compound of vitamins and even an herb or two,and a mineral or two. It comes in a Red and white box over the counter in all drug stores in the ear section usually. If you can't find it ask the pharmacist. It is not a cure and may not work for everyone. It takes at least a month to really start working and you must take 3 pills a day to start, then I cut it down to two pills a day. It worked to reduce the sound in my head considerably.

Thank you for that information. I will try it for sure, I’m so tired of my ears ringing that I could scream.

Shanna_W: I don’t know how old your post is; I hope you get my message. Did you ever resolve the loud ringing in your ears? I have the same problem. Thanks, Mac

Hello, no I never have, same issues for years. I was suppose to have surgery but backed out. I am waiting until it’s do or death I assume before I take the risk. Ringing is very loud at night in bed, sometimes hard to go to sleep.

Some medications and foods add to the tinnitus. I have many problems with anything with caffeine, that is chocolate, coffee, tea, and I love them all, but they really drive my tinnitus way up and my acid reflux up, so I avoid them most of the time. If you google medications that affect tinnitus, you will get way too many. I find that Melatonin helps at night. Did you try 3 month of Lipoflavinoids, over the counter, in the ear section at the pharmacy or ask the pharmacist to help you find them. I found they really helped calm the tinnitus, but it does take at least a month to get enough then just taking them regularly for me has helped. I was able to drop to one tablet a day. My eagles surgery did not help, but I still have one side with eagles and no other issues other than the tinnitus. I am not having surgery for it unless I have some other symptoms that I consider valid for ES.\