Anyone who had migraines and/or tinnitus and had the surgery here?

I am starting to get almost daily migraines along with constant tinnitus. I am seriously considering the surgery but I am wondering if anyone here who had the surgery had either of these conditions relieved by surgery? I can manage the pain without the surgery, but I can't manage this, if there is hope of these two things going away I am going to plunge into the surgery I guess.

Thanks and dearly appreciate any replies.

Who is your doctor? What are your other symptoms? What is your doctor saying?

Migraines and tinnitus would not be my only reason for having surgery. I have Eagles bilaterally. I have tinnitus on one side. The only symptom at all. Otherwise, no pain. The tinnitus is annoying. I have suggestions, a pill that you can buy in the drugstore with mostly b vitamins and bioflavinoids specifically for tinnitus Lipoflavinoids. A maroon box, Take 3 a day, it helps. May not get rid of it, but might help a lot. It did a lot for me. You must take for at least a month to get any results.

My ENT recommended it it is Over the Counter and it might not help everyone, but it did help me. I don't take it anymore because I can't tolerate ascorbic acid that is their form of Vitamin C. I would if not for that.

If I start having pain on the side with the tinnitus, I would have surgery and really hope to lose the tinnitus. I have had it for 10 years. Sometimes it is maddening, but not all the time.

There are non surgical treatments for migraines. Migraines and tinnitus, have your blood pressure checked lately?

My doctor is an ENT. My styloid is huge and can be seen with naked eye protruding into my throat. However the pain from it is only mild. My symptoms are constant headache that sometimes turns up ocular migraines. Ringing in ears all the time, fatigue, unexplained nocturnal teeth grinding and sleep disturbances. Blood pressure is fine, I am actually physically fit for now. However all these other symptoms are killing me. I will take a look for that stuff thanks.

I had surgery in August on my right side. I had issues with both daily migraines and tinnitus, my pain was mild. My story sounds very similar to yours. I had a lot of other symptoms too. I am sure you can find some of my old post that will tell you more about my other symptoms. I would have the surgery all over again. I am doing wonderful now. I have the left styloid still, It is longer than the right, but angled differently. But will wait to see if it needs to be removed, so far the right side surgery has taken care of a large majority of my issues. My right styloid was compressing the carotid. I would not wait until you have a lot of pain. Many of the people that have had to live with the pain long term, often don’t get rid of all their pain after surgery as the damage that has been done by the styloid is permanent.

Hope this helps,


Thanks RB. My pain is mostly mild I can live with it, but the other stuff is just killing me. Im seeing a new ENT who also does the surgery on the 8th I will let you know what he thinks, is really tough call.

Sorry, for the questions, I didn't know your history. I do hope surgery gets rid of your migraines and tinnitus. Regardless, it is protruding in your throat and will cause damage if it hasn't already. Hope it helps.

Thanks Emma. My concern is that since the pain is mild 70 percent of the time, I might be left in worse position then started, especially if it doesnt fix the other stuff. The other deal is my ENT only wants to remove the part that is in my throat. That would not fix my other problems I assume. So I see a new ENT on the 8th who apparently has done full removal. His reviews from patients are not stellar however lol. But right now Ill just do what I got to do. My healthcare insurance requires me to stay within my system unless I get a referral. Well I had appointments at Mayo but my clinic refused to write referral saying they have all the facilities Mayo does. I really am worn out alone from dealing with doctors and this begging for referral stuff.

You are in a tough spot. I understand being worn out. In the meantime, you might try the "Lipoflavinoid" vitamin supplement for the tinnitus and perhaps you can take something that will prevent migraines. Have you been to a good neurologist for the migraines. I don't recommend that you spend much time trying to do anything about the tinnitus, but the Lipoflavinoids helped me. It might buy you some time and relief from pain while you work on getting surgery. You can get the supplement at Walgreens, CVS, Walmart. If you can't find it in the "ear" section. Ask the pharmacist. Sometimes, it is with supplements.

So if my ES symptoms are triggering migraines the migraines could be helped with surgery?

YES! If you’re getting migraines, there’s a good chance you have some vascular impingement (meaning your styloids are cutting off some of the blood flow to your brain when your head is in certain positions) which triggers the migraines. Getting the styloids removed will stop the impingement problem & thus the headaches.

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@Isaiah_40_31 thank you so much! I have surgery scheduled for this week. Can’t wait!

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Really glad to hear you have surgery so soon, Lacy.