Trigger point injection on Hyoid bone?

So Im chasing the dream again gonna get a trigger point injection on my hyoid to check for hyoid syndrome.Havent set a date yet or found a Dr to do it yet but im starting my search this Monday pretty positive I can find someone to do it the first injection is going to be a numbing agent only no steroids if I feel relief will take it from there .This is 4 years after styloid removal since then I have had a trigger point for ernest syndrome,temporal tendinitis,and splenius capatius all with no relief so now im gonna try Hyoid and then Hamular Process Bursitis injection hopefully I can video the injections and post them on here .One note was 2 years after styloid removal when I started injections I had another 3d ct showing no growth of were styloid was and according to my ent who removed it nothing wrong with hyoid if any one has had these done please share experience here are 2 interesting articles on the subjects

The Hamular article is interesting it explains how it is misdiagnosed as Eagles alot

Ok so emailed Dr Shankland DDS who wrote the article on Elongated Pterygoid Hamulus Syndrome He is out of Ohio hoping to send him a check and some ct and panoramic xrays to see If he has any findings Ill post back if he is willing o look at them or what the office writes back next week.



For me, you have provided the most crucial piece to my puzzle, which is not Eagles Syndrome, but Pterygoid Hamular Syndrome. As it turns out, PHS can cause calcification of the styloid ligaments and of the styloids, so it basically can cause Eagles.

I knew that getting my styloids out ONLY(right side removal scheduled Aug. 11th), might not fix the deep frontal internal throat pain I have on both sides - this pain is from my hamuli… I can easily palpate both of my hamuli, and they are both humongous and painful. The back of my throat is always way too red, always. Swollen only during flare-ups, but always very red and sore. It always hurts to swallow.

Tensor veli palatini is the muscle that hooks around the pterygoid hamulus(part of the sphenoid bone), and this muscle radiates into the soft palate in the back of the throat. I do not know if my hamulus is elongated, or if the sheath for the muscle has bursitis, but if I try to open my mouth really wide, from the back part of my mouth starting at the back of my teeth, I can feel my muscle that winds through the hamulus stretching and burning.

I am going to talk to my Eagles surgeon, Dr. Samji, to see if he knows much about PHS. If not, I am going to be seeking an expert in PHS.

Thank You Deleone!!! This is the biggest help that anyone has ever given me.

If anyone has Pterygoid Hamular Syndrome or knows anything, please let me know.

No problem you might end up helping me in the long run ,I had the styloid removal and it wasn’t enough wish you the the best and keep me posted my man pain is in that area still feels like a constant inflammation there I got a cool sensation there every time I breath in glad you can bring it up to Samji before surgery

These are interesting articles. Jayde, let us know what Dr. Samji says and Deleone good luck with contacting Dr. shankland. Hope you both keep us posted as I have soft palate pain and pain in back of my throat. as well as in the front of my neck and ear pain

did you end up getting the injections ?

Hi Delone. I have SO many problems and still chasing the cure. It all sounds like what you have and I am going to go for another injection in my hyoid bone actually today. Did you end up getting it? Let me know. I am so desperate for help here. Thank you!

I had my right side styloidectomy 2 weeks ago with Dr. Samji. He took out almost the ENTIRE Styloid, along with my complete calcified stylohyoid ligament, AND he took 5mm off of my Hyoid bone which was clearly damaged. I am SO RELIEVED that he got ALL of it…… the styloid, the ligament, and the diseased hyoid. Absolutely no doubt I had a touch of Hyoid Bone Syndrome after having a melon sized abscess grow with its center at the greater horn of my hyoid bone. I am thrilled with my surgery - I feel like Dr. Samji saved me from having to have ANOTHER separate surgery to deal with my hyoid.

There is already some relief with head pain, jaw pain, and shoulder pain. My bruxism is greatly lessened.

The kicker for me is, IS MY THROAT BETTER?!?!?!? The answer is no. Granted I am very much in a recovery phase, I know my deep throat is still messed. I spoke with Dr. Samji about Pterygoid Hamulus Syndrome and Superior Pharyngeal Consctrictor Muscle Syndrome because of the precise locations where it hurts me SO BAD in the back of my throat(my throat bleeds some upon a warm salt gargle every single morning, and I regularly get throat stones). Unfortunately, he doesn't believe in those syndromes, so he literally had nothing to say to me about it.

My plan is to find a prolotherapy doctor to administer neural therapy injections into the back of my throat in very precise spots. If the injections help my symptoms, I will probably travel to Ohio to meet with Dr. Shankland. I don't have the energy to talk to unbelievers, so I will go straight to somebody with experience.

I will update more after I get my throat injections!

Jayde tough surgery it can kill you if it cuts your carotid so much needed ,Sucks it wasn't the cure there missing something big time Yeah Shankland learned from Ernest .Finally having people working under me Hopefully see one of them soon .I had a prolo shot for ernest syndrome 2 years after surgery So hard to find some one willing A and the Balls to experiment on us .Words of advise make sure you don't get shot with steroids until a shot Takes away the pain I wanted help when I got injected for ernest,,temporal tendinitis,splenius capatis I wanted the steroids right off the bat glad I didn't Hopefully I will chase the dream soon try to enjoy what relief it brought I called Ernest clinic back and the day but couldn't afford The flight and they didn't take insurance The person who answered the phone said more then likely be a 3 day event with Ernest running test giving you personal attention $1800 heard he isn't in practice but imagine that Believes you and spends a couple hours a day on you

Hi i glad i found this though its late. I have eagles both sides but my symptoms on my right just dont add up. I have soft palate pain radiating to my ear especially when swallowing sometimes burning behind my nose on the right. I know my left side is eagles as i have the bone protruding in my throat. But now ive researched this hamular process and i think its that on the right. My styloids are elongated and calcified right down to my hyoid bone but my soft palet pain seem to high up for it to be eagles. Im really confused and worried. How can this be diagnosed?

Hi @July123

Sorry- been having a hard time keeping up with your questions as I get ready for surgery, but I am trying to give you the support you need.

I had pain behind my eye from Eagles due to my SP pressing on a nerve which traveled laterally across my face. So I don’t think that the soft palate is too high up for Eagles to affect, but remember I am not a doctor. I found it helpful to look online for the facial nerves that pass the Styloid to understand my condition better.