Two random questions 💁🏻‍♀️

Has anyone ever had their “bite” shift due to ES? I went from having a pretty significant overbite to having a bad underbite in less than a years time and it started about the same time as the pain under my jaw and around my ear started but back then, the doctor I was seeing didn’t worry about it. Now that I have been diagnosed and will be having surgery soon, I was just curious if my bite could possibly go back to a more natural and less tensed position or if the two or even related at all.

Also- does anyone have pictures of their post surgery incisions and scars so I can see what my neck will more than likely look like?

Hi Dysonsmom,

There have been a few cases where people mentioned a bite shift that they felt was relative to ES. I don’t know if that ended up being the case or not as I don’t think anyone posted about bite “correction” as being part of their recovery. That only means that other improvements were more significant & bite wasn’t mentioned whether or not it returned to its original position.

I will privately message you w/ my post op scar pics. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how invisible the neck incisions are once healed. I was 58 when I had my surgeries so at an age where I wouldn’t have expected the great outcome I had.


Ok thank you so very much! At this point- I don’t think I would mind looking like I came straight from the set of the walking dead, as long as I get my life back! I can handle a scar! I’m just curious how long and exactly where it will be so I can start preparing my son not to be afraid. :slight_smile:

The scars do seem to vary quite a bit depending on the surgeon; mine were mainly behind my ear, so were barely visible, but quite a few others have scars across their throat.
I don’t know about bite being corrected, it will be interesting to see if anything changes for you, but I think some members have mentioned their bit guards don’t fit after surgery? It’s something you could have a search for in the past discussions.

Hey. I’m Jimmy.

You talked about having maybe a “bite shift.”

I just wanna let you know I’ve had the feeling that my jaw was “loose” and “unhinged” for many years. I thought it was the orthodontic work but I’m starting to think it is an eagle symptom.

The styloid process begins the base of your skull just a couple cm in. This is right next to the TM joint. I’m hoping my jaw problems will be sourced to the muscles working with my TM joint. If my muscles are mad because of the irritation of the styloid process (eagle syndrome in simple terms), then maybe my TM joint can’t function right. I also think, because of this, many have experienced bite problems, TMJ problems, ext.

I’m hoping somebody with eagle can stay away from TMJ doctors. They tend to be pretty convinced of their diagnosis and this can lead to crazy jaw surgeries. I just got my left done (12 days ago) and I am so happy I didn’t open up my jaw.

This may have nothing to do with your case. I know you’re in recovery too so I’m just hoping you’re experiencing the same mess I am. I am hoping my jaw won’t feel so “unhinged” soon.

Nice to meet you.

Jimmy from Oregon