Mandible/Jaw pains!

Hello everybody!! Does anyone here get pain in the corner of the mandible that is also tender to the touch and behind the ear ?

ABSOLUTELY! I haven't been able to touch the spot behind my left ear at the mandible for many years now. That's actually the way I was diagnosed with ES! My dentist touched that spot and sent me flying out of the chair! He got suspicious, remembering a lecture from dental school on ES and after a panorex, confirmed that's what I had. My hairdresser, husband, pretty much everyone who knows me knows to stay away from the left side of my face --- especially that spot.

Yes! But not after surgey!

I do. I had the left side extraoral surgery in August and I eat 5 or 6 small meals a day as eating seems to be a chore. It tires me out quickly. Chewing is tiring. I'll be having the right side done soon and I'm hoping it will balance things out and chewing won't be so much work. All in all though, the results have been glorious and the pay off has been well worth it :) The tenderness on the side that has been operated on has been greatly diminished, nearly gone!