2006_03_Chhetri_Heterogeneity in the Presentation of Eagle’s Syndrome.pdf (197.2 KB)
I have. Gone to see Doctor Dinesh Chhetri at ucla and HE IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. I have gone to 3 other physicians about ES and thank god I listened to my gut! I can only have the surgery going though the outside of my neck because of how the styloid process are growing. The other physicians said they would perform internal which would of nother been good for me. Here is a article that my surgeon wrote. Thought to share this…

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Thanks for sharing this, Tambralee- I’ve made it a public discussion so that everyone can see it. Have you got a definite date yet, sorry, I can’t remember!

Thanks tambralee. I too have ES on the right side and have been having balance issues,dizziness,ear aches. When I bend my head, it feels like my head is gonna explode.I can feel my styloid process by pushing my hand under the jaw. It is thick.I am so worried. It is affecting my daily activities to an extent that through the end of my work when the work load is heavy It feels like there is too much pressure in my head and I will be near to passing out. I still did not take any scan. Think I should do that first and fix my surgery.

I suggested on one of your other posts getting a CT done- if you suspect it might be vascular ES, then it would be best to get a CT with contrast, so it shows if any blood vessels are getting compressed. I used to get alot of pressure in my head and ears before surgery- the SPs were compressing the jugular veins boths sides. Surgery has really improved this.

Thank you so much for the advice Jules. I ll make sure I get that contrast inside my head before CT.

I have mild deformity of the juggler. I am having a lot of issues and don’t
know if all is related to es. I nowill have to be cleared from heart doc
because I am having some issues with the heart. I am having palpitations
rapid heart beat and skipped beats. Can’t lie flat on back now. I get
dizzy even when sitting. I was rushed in ambulance the other day because I
had rapid rapid heart beat and I went up to 210/187 and the scariest thing
ever. I constantly feel sick in my body now and very slow motion now. My
right SP is now affecting me as well. This is a horrible horrible feeling
and I have no idea at this point but the one thing is that I am suffering
severely. I would never want anyone to have this issue or any other issue.
I have prayed and prayed to get better but I honestly don’t know if I will
ever feel good again… it’s horrible :confused:

I too have the heart palpitations that you mentioned.I can feel the palpitations more when I exercise and my head spins a lot.I guess since the blood flow to the brain is being restricted by the SP , the heart takes too much damage by pumping blood.When I feel the palpitation , my anxiety kicks in and results in tachycardia. I guess that the same thing you are undergoing.

Hello! Just checking on you? Have you had surgery?

how long were you in the hospital? Any tips ? I have surgery with Dr. CHHETRI Feb 10th

Hello!! 4 days and Dr.C is great

thanks for that info

YAY tambralee! You finally got your styloids out! I’m so glad to read your post. When did you have your surgery? Four days seems a long time to be in the hospital post op for ES surgery. Most people are in just overnight. Did you have post op complications?