Universal Eagle's Syndrome symbol

I am considering getting an Eagle tattoo due to my journey. I am wondering if anyone knows if there is possibly already a symbol for us? Or if putting this out there might get one created?
Could be used for jewelery, clothing, …just for broadened awareness and because we are awsome strong individuals!! :eagle:

Hi shayney,

As far as I know there is no ES symbol so you can be the creator of that (I have nil artistic ability). I’d sure wait awhile to get a tattoo though. You don’t want to be poking holes in your skin that could create new entryways for coronavirus at this time.

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Extremely good point. Plus I have kids and grandkids to spoil so affording one isn’t in my near future.
But one day…when I find the perfect eagle :slight_smile:

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When you do make sure the eagle talons are predominate because that is what our styloids look like.


Did you know that the Dr. that discovered this was named W.W. Eagle ? I just assumed it was for the talons that look like the long bones. ???

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Yup! In 1937. He thought it was caused by scar tissue from tonsillectomies. He was right in part, but there are definitely other causes, too.

But just because the name came from the doc’s “handle”, doesn’t mean that the eagle bird isn’t an appropriate symbol! I think it’s brilliant!

But get a tattoo at this point in history? I don’t think so.


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