Update from my ENT appt

Hi warriors,

I had my appointment w the ENTs PA today and she scoped my throat and didn’t see anything concerning other than swollen tonsils. She’s ordered a CT scan which I have next Weds and then I will go back and meet Dr. Nelson who has done lots of surgeries for Eagles and has published papers.

The only surprise is that she had never heard of tinnitus as a side effect so she’s ordered a hearing test. I’m fine doing one, but that surprised me since a quick Google search shows they are often connected.

I’m very happy to have found a more experienced doc than my first surgeon, and look forward to seeing how he would approach the surgery.

Hope folks are hanging in there!

Much love!


Thanks for the update! Glad that you can get a new CT & hope it shows what’s going on! Look forward to hearing how you get on next week :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

How great that you’re ENT’s PA was supportive beyond just looking at your throat. Obviously she’s not very well versed w/ ES as the majority of our members have tinnitus as a symptom. So glad she was willing to send you for a CT scan.

Please let us know more about Dr. Nelson once you meet him & learn his surgical strategy & give us an update when you get your CT results. :hugs:

Yay, Happy for you fury.:pray::pray::pray: for answers you are looking for on your CT

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