Vagus nerve

Hello, can eagle cause irregular heart beat (mild tachycardia), and frequent urination?

I am 4 days post op, here is my thread with daily updates and I feel very calm and relaxed, like I never before. Is this anti-inflammatory medication does the job, or eagle can cause all these symptoms?

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Yes your vagus nerve does help regulate your heart rate (and a lot of other internal organs).

It is also part of our parasympathetic nervous system, the calming part (not the flight part). So if your vagal tone has improved now that may explain why you now feel calmer than before. There are exercises to read about online that can help you improve your vagal tone further.

In most (but not all) the styloid bone rests between the internal and external cartoid artery - the main blood supply to the brain, so if styloid bone affects those (eg on head turn/flexion) this can also affect your heart rate as body will already prioritise protecting blood supply to brain (if necessary by changing heart rate). D


Second what @PatientD has said about the vagus nerve, & many members have had anxiety which could’ve been caused by irritated vagus nerve, so that might be helping you having the styloid out…Frequent urination could maybe be caused by excess fluid if you’ve been on a drip post-surgery?


@green_potato - I had trouble w/ heart palpitations, blood pressure drops when I exercised that caused my heart to race, hoarse voice, & some other symptoms that I think were caused by irritation to my vagus nerve. Some of the symptoms stuck with me for several months after my surgery before they gradually went away. I can imagine the heart symptoms you have now are in part your vagus nerve beginning to recover. As @Jules mentioned, the feeling of calm you’re experiencing is also likely related to pressure being removed from your vagus nerve when the styloid was removed. Bladder function can also be affected by the vagus, but more than likely, what you’re experiencing is what Jules suggested.


It is very hard to say if my anxiety is caused by eagle syndrome, or worries about it :slight_smile: but I glad I feel better now.

I had problem with frequent urination before the surgery and I was always thirsty, and it seems like after the surgery my bladder muscles are again in a normal tonus. It is very weird to explain.


yes, it makes sense now. I feel very calm, and my resting HR in 50’s. I’m avid surfer and have a good cardio health and I’ve never had such low resting heart rates before


My heart rate would dip down into the 30s before my surgery. After my surgery it seems like it averages 45-55 and I haven’t had the alerts on my Apple Watch. ES and the vagus nerve definitely seem to have an effect on blood pressure and heart rate.