Video documentary about Fascia

Here is a very interesting video about fascia that I finally found in English.
In my experience, Eagle Syndrome is strongly related to the fascia.
I would be very interested in opinions on this. I hope the video is also available in the USA.

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[WARNING: This video contains graphic content (surgeries etc)]

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This is great although a bit long. Im totally on board with all this! I have a connective tissue disorder (Ehlers Danlos-hypermobility) and for years found relief in all kinds of body work. A highly experienced Osteopath would be a good addition to this video. I particular found the part about the moisture in the facia and it carrying toxins from inflammation very interesting.
I had my TMJ doctor share that he thought part of what causes Eagles or the pain from it, is the neck muscles/facia,etc clamping down on the calcifications. It may explain why some with elongated styloids and alot of calcifications are not symptomatic. What causes the calcifications is a whole nother topic and I still think an unknown although I do believe inflammation plays a part of it.
I do know when I am stressed, I tend to tighten my muscles and it especially is expressed in my jaw, then neck. If allowed to go in a lock down for too long, it impacts other parts of my body ie: upper back, arms, shoulders. This is why I find such value in getting regular body work to help free up the facia and detoxify the lymphathic systems.


Looks like a great video! Iโ€™ll try to watch it tonight. Fascia is getting more recognition these days as its importance in our bodiesโ€™ abilities to funciton is better recognized.

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Based on comments I bet I want to watch this when I get back on Wi-Fi. Thank you for sharing!

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