Vitamin D and Eagle's Sydrome

Hello all.I have bilateral calcification as of April, Left side 3.6 and right 4.0. I have been diagnosed with Vitamin D deficiency–my level was an 18 and I was told it should be between 30-100. My Doctor has prescribed a high dose of vitamin D prescription that should be taken once a week for 8 weeks. I am concerned this could make the calcifications worse or grow faster. Is there any evidence of this? Or possibly evidence that increasing my vitamin D will help in some way? I understand my level is dangerously low and I do not want it to lead to other health problems,so I want to take my Doctor’s advice and take the prescription…I am just curious if anyone knows of any information or connection to Vitamin D and Eagle’s syndrome.

Thank you so much.

There have been a few discussions where I think the same questions have been asked, I think that several other members have been prescribed Vit D as well- I don't know much about it myself, only that 'metabolic disorders' are possible causes of ES, so perhaps it comes under this. I'll have a look!

There are a few discussions with some interesting info- if you go into All Discussions, and just put Vitamin D levels into the search box, there's a few, and here's a link to one :

Have you had a new scan done yet, to see if there's been any change?

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Hrm, I'm going to search this out as well.
One of the only things that came back in my blood tests when the docs were looking for some kinda autoimmune or systemic cause of all my nerve pain was very low Vitamin D. My doc said that there was sometimes a link between low Vitamin D and people who have chronic pain, and also put me on a regimen to try and help my nerves.