Vocal chord dysfunction

Hi friends,

Does anyone else suffer with vocal chord dysfunction?

On my worst effected side I have partial paralysis it effects my breathing and eating and swallowing?

There have been quite a few discussions about voice changes in the past if that would be useful- you can use the search function to have a look for them, but here’s a couple to get you started:
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& in the explanations about common symptoms I think there’s a link to a research paper on vocal changes with ES:
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There are quite a few mentions of vocal chord dysfunction too, have a look…hope they’re helpful!

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Yes. Left side vocal fold paralysis. I had filler injection to bring the left side closer to center and it helped, I am waiting for a surgery schedule to have both styloids removed, because the first surgeon only removed a small part of each styloid. I have seen several ENTs, including the original surgeon and the surgeon who did the filler injection, and none acknowledged that the styloids were responsible. Don’t be discouraged. Others here have had styloids removed and their voice quality improved.

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I’m so glad to hear you’re working on getting a surgery date for revision surgery. Do you have a particular doctor in mind or are you still working on deciding who to have do it for you?

I’m so sorry you have to go through surgery again. I hope your first surgeon has learned from you that just removing a bit of styloid doesn’t do the job of stopping ES symptoms.

I’ll be praying you get that surgery scheduled soon!


Thank you, Isaiah! I have a consult Wednesday with Dr. Rui Fernandez and one on June 1 with Dr. Hackman. Also have an August 11 consult with Dr. Cognetti, in case the first 2 doctors don’t work out. Dr. Fernandez is closest to home, but he has to agree to take these styloids out completely, because I have IJV compression. Dr. Hackman may be the best choice, if his surgery schedule is not booked too far out.

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