Voice hoarseness pain/ loss of voice

Every doctor I go to tells me that my voice issues (like hoarseness, pain, and loss of singing voice) will not resolve with ES surgery and that it has nothing to do with ES. Is this true? I feel like I have read many accounts of people having these symptoms with ES. Has anyone had these types for symptoms and were they resolved with surgery? Thanks!

There is a research paper mentioning voice issues with ES, it’s ‘Management of Dysphagia Pre and Postoperatively In a Case Of Eagle’s Syndrome by Lewis, Hoffman, Spector In 2015’. Also in Fusco, Asteraki, and Spetzler’s (Eagle’s Syndrome Embryology, Anatomy, and Clinical management, 2012) study, they mention vocal changes.
Cranial nerve 10 has been suggested as a nerve which could be compressed or irritated with ES; Motor branches of CN X are responsible for phonation, so compression of this part of the nerve could explain hoarseness or vocal changes.
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Priscilla, I am a singer and had surgery on both sides for ES. Before surgery talking and singing made me hurt. I could not reach upper range at all without pain. My voice was very weak and I had no resonance with my voice. After surgery, I did not have the same pain when singing. I have no pain with talking. I have more resonance and my voice is stronger. Before I couldn’t sing at all without horrible pain. I can sing some now. I do sometimes get fatigued with singing still but it does not lead to huge amounts of pain and I recover more quickly. However, The nerve to my voice was definitely affected and I think is still healing. I do also have some issues with my muscles in my neck and are trying to determine if it is my body not realizing the bones are gone or if I have another condition causing some of my issues. I do not believe many Drs understand the voice especially when it comes to singing. I am better because of my surgeries. I am not 100% back to normal singing but I do have issues with my body and muscles that I do not know if they are due to having ES or if my nerves are still healing.


Oh my gosh, it sounds like we have the same thing! I am looking into traveling to CA to see Dr. Sanji. He seems like he is very experienced with this and with singers. Where and with whom did you have your surgery? This has been such a nightmare as I have been to every voice specialist, spent so much time and money on voice therapy and so much stress feeling like there was no hope. I am very nervous about the surgery. What type did you have?

There are lots of stories about post-op recovery on here, you could read them so you know what to expect. Personally, it wasn’t as bad as I thought, & given that many of us go on to have the 2nd side done, that says something!

Thank you! It is so good to hear.

You are in good hands Priscilla. Dr. Samji did one side on me the end of April and I am going back early December for the other side. Im up in Seattle and travel down via plane very easily into San Jose airport. Compared to other surgeries Ive had in the past, this was a walk in the park. On day three, I was down to only one pain killer and out walking daily. I was icing alot, and had wedge pillow as what others suggested. Dr. Samji also gives RX for steroids for 10 days which I think makes a huge difference and helps control swelling. Los Gatos right down the road (just a couple miles) from the surgery center is a cute little town and very pleasant. Has lots of good food places. It was almost like a vacation for me.


Hiii agirl!
I have a diagnosis of eagle síndrome and my main pain os after speaking, i cant Talk without pain. I dont have any problem in my vocal cords, so i think the problem is due to eagle syndrome. Can you hell me how are you after the surgery?? And Who did It?? Thank you :relaxed:

Hi snapple 2020!! I would be very Happy yo Heard you story of surgery with Dr samdji and what seré your syntomps before surgery?? I hace a lot of pain after talking :sob: and my vocal cords are completely okay. Kind regards

I had double styloid surgery with Dr. Hackman in November and I have noticed a big relief in my vocal issues. I am feeling so much better. I am so happy I did the surgery!


Thank you for your update, Priscilla! I’ve been thinking about you. I’m do glad you’re doing better. That’s great news!

That’s good news! Pleased that you’re doing well!

How hard was it to get in to see Dr. Hackman? He looks like my best choice for surgery.

He was amazing and very responsive. I highly recommend him.

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Thanks! My first surgeon did not believe styloids could affect the voice, and he only removed a small amount of each styloid. Going in for revision and hoping it will make my voice and circulation better.

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Dr. Hackman has done revision surgery for at least one of our members so we know he is potentially open to helping with the sort of problem you have, Catmd.