Vomiting breaking symptoms expereince

I was so relieved but it was an illusion: a quite surprising experience3 weeks ago. I went out for dinner and i had some expired food. I have been hard vomiting for more than one day. the pain magical desappeared for almost 2 days without assuming anypain killer. have heard such a thing?

Wow, I’ve never heard of that. My speculation is that the force of vomiting moved the styloid away from the nerves it was affecting. Having Eagles is such a crazy experience.

Sounds like a nasty experience but the silver lining is that you were pain free from the ES for awhile!

yes i was completely free from pain for about 24-48 hours. no pain killer could have been so effective since may 2016. actually i am aving some benefit using naproxene.

Make sure you drink 8-12 oz of water & have food in your stomach when you take Naproxen. It’s really hard on your gut as it has a high sodium content. It will strip the mucus lining from your stomach if you take it on an empty stomach & w/o enough fluid. I had that experience. I felt nauseous for almost a month while my stomach rebuilt it’s mucus lining.