Post Surgery Update:

I had surgery on July 31, 2013. My doctor took pictures of my eagle syndrome I will post those soon. After surgery I was sick for about 2 days straight throwing up blood non stop. My recovery was 2 weeks of hell. I couldn't even swallow my saliva and I couldn't talk at all. I iced my jaw and throat 24 hours a day around the clock with 2 ice packs. Pain medication became my best friend during my recovery. Slowly I was able to only get down a frosty but nothing more. Within 2 weeks I was able to finally start swallowing water and soft foods. Slowly after that I was able to eat and drink anything I wanted.

To this day 8/30/2013 I am able to eat and drink without any issues. I only have pain when I sneeze or cough. I can FINALLY turn my head in all directions and only have pain when I turn to the right. I still do however still feel the numbness in my neck coming and going.

I hope you feel better with every passing week. I also have pain when I sneeze. So you are not alone in that. Not all of my symptoms have subsided. I still have hope time will heal the rest of the symptoms to an acceptable level. I understood before my surgery on July 25th, that some damage may have already been done and that this surgery would not resolve all my problems. I guess we will both have to wait and see what happens. Hang in there and have faith all will be better soon! Take care,