Wearable Vital Statistics Monitor

Hello and Happy New Year/Happy Sunday to everyone,

As part of taking control my ES and other condition (since the doctors won't seem to take things seriously without proof), I was wondering if anyone has a suggestion or recommendation for a wearable monitor that can track and archive heart rate, as well as other vital signs -respiration, body temp, etc.?

Most of the ones on the market seem to be geared towards fitness and work with a wrist band/watch of some sort. In speaking with some health tech people, they feel that the wrist monitor does not accurately read the heart rate and therefore one should wear the chest strap. I'm not sure that is feasible for the workplace, but could work while resting at home. Ideally, I'd also like something to monitor my breathing while asleep to see if I'm getting enough oxygen, as I never seem to feel rested, no matter how long I sleep (Apnea?).

I have occasional bouts (as I'm sure many of us do) of Tachycardia and seem to be getting more frequency of Cervicogenic headaches. Just wanted to track this with accuracy, because even if the doctor is willing to listen, it is difficult to remember with accuracy when and for how long a symptom occurred.

Preferably, the device would report to an Android phone with an app.

Thanks in advance

Red Pill

Hi Red Pill,

You can go to a cardiologist & ask for a wearable heart monitor which can track your heart rate & irregularities for up to a month or more. I don't think it follows other vital signs though, but you could ask if something like that exists.

My cardiologist had me wear a monitor for a day or 2 prior to my first surgery because I was having crazy heart rate issues which seem to have resolved some since that surgery in Nov. 2014.