Well, I had the Surgery

We’ll I had the surgery and it’s a definite improvement. My facial pain and sensations I think are gone. The ringing is way down. The pulsation is WAY down. After the meds and swelling have gone I should see more improvement. Dr Annino said he went down as deep as possible. My surgery area is surprisingly sore. I guess he’d did.
He was the 13th doctor :face_with_peeking_eye:I saw on this journey. Scary stuff.
Thank you Isaiah and everyone else here. I’ll update you as soon as I can.


So pleased that you’ve seen improvements already! Just be prepared for a combination of post-op meds wearing off & swelling increasing to maybe set symptoms off again, there will be ups & downs with recovery…hopefully the drain will help with swelling. Will be thinking of you & praying for you :pray: :grinning:

Im so happy to hear you are on the other side of surgery and already feeling some improvements! That’s fantastic!!! Keep us posted along your recovery please! All rooting for you!!!

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Thank you, let me tell you that at 36 hours after the surgery all symptoms came back due to surgical inflammation. I’m on oxy’s every 4 hours now… I just woke up and having a light breakfast of oatmeal and coffee, the conditions have greatly improved. I can’t say enough about Dr Annino and his team. I’ve been icing it every few hours. Thanks again. Update coming.


You’re out of the post op “honeymoon” period (the operative meds are no longer masking pain & helping w/ inflammation) & into the period where the swelling is the worst (days 3/5 post op). Taking your pain meds on schedule, as you are, & icing plus sleeping w/ your head elevated will all help you get through these harder days.

I’m so glad your surgery went well, & you already feel better. That is excellent news!! Next week will be a little better & each week after should see bits of improvement. Don’t be alarmed if you have days, even a month or more from now, where symptoms come back for a few days here & there. That’s part of the healing process.


Post op meeting with Dr Annino, he said he left a stub of about 2 mm, that’s about 1/16 of an inch. He said it wouldn’t grow back, a normal styloid is about 1.5 centimeters. Today is #13, jaw stiffness and under the ear pain is fading. No oxy for two days, just Tylenol and diazepam. Still can drink a beer without the headache.

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That’s still can’t drink a beer.

Maybe try 2 beers…?


Glad you’re off the oxy but the beer/alcohol in general should maybe wait for a few more weeks. Give your body every chance to heal at the moment. Your alcohol tolerance may be down because of the anesthesia & post op meds plus your vascular & nerve tissues are working hard to recover. Alcohol could be a deterrent to that at the moment.

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I’m glad that things are healing for you! Shame about the beer…

We’ll Heineken 0.0 works no alcohol tastes great.


Sounds like a good compromise! All the flavor. None of the alcohol. :joy:

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Hmm, I never considered this. I anyways feel drunk half the time…


That would be from the pressure in your brain from the extra blood. Hmmm…I’ve read that alcohol causes inflammation in the brain which would increase intracranial pressure so it would make sense that another source of brain pressure could cause the sensation of feeling drunk.

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I have to say that has really put me off drinking! I hate that feeling now, so haven’t drunk for over 8 years!


Congrats to you for making it to the other side! As I try to heed by my own advice, have patience, put your body first and that “normal” beer will be well worth the wait :blush:

Happy healing and please keep us all posted on your progress. Folks need to read other peoples experiences to help them along!

Best always to you!


Hello all, it’s now 16 day, improvements are so small and minuet that they have to stack up so you can say wow!, that’s different. It’s a slow process but yes improvements are coming in slowly. I have/had so many symptoms with this it’s a boost in my mental health when even a small improvement is noticed.


Good to hear! :+1: :+1:

This is terrific news! I continue to send you well wishes and that with every passing day you see a lift in symptoms and a better quality of life !!! Thanks for sharing in your journey and for keeping us posted. It’s greatly appreciated!


I had the very same experience, @NH48! Healing would be so gradual, especially with lingering symptoms, that I wouldn’t notice improvement until it was significant or completely gone. It was quite a process & took 4-9 mos for each symptom to really take a hike. I’m glad you’re noticing little positives already! That’s great news!!