What are most common symptoms of Eagle Syndrome

I’d be interested to know most common symptoms of Eagle Syndrome and if anybody has been able to manage ES without surgery and perhaps medication or other therapies?

A member quite a while ago did a survey; if you can open it here’s the results:

I think pain swallowing, feeling of something stuck in the throat, pain turning head, ear & facial pain seem to be the most common symptoms from what we see on here.
Some members have managed symptoms without surgery; the steroid/ lidocaine injections into the area have helped some members, others have managed with nerve pain medications. But usually symptoms seem to worsen with time & people do end up having surgery. It’s a personal decision, I left mine for over a year & was okay with that, but then I started getting vascular symptoms & feeling very ill, so the time was right to look into surgery.
If you have vascular symptoms, then I don’t think personally that these should be left, because there are risks.

Thank you.