Surgeons in WA that treat eagle syndrome?

I have recently been diagnosed with Eagle Syndrome and live in the Pacific Northwest. I have seen a surgeon at the University of WA for this and will be seeing another surgeon at Virginia Mason for another opinion this week?

Also, has anyone tried physical therapy to help relieve symptoms? I had a dr. Recommendd it but am hesitant to try it as some of my symptoms include rapid changes in blood pressure and heart rate when I bend my head down or to the right. My styloid on the right side is 5cm. I would really just like to have the surgery and get on with life.

My entire list of symptoms is below. I would love to hear from others regarding how well surgery has helped with these issues.

Intense ear pain
Jaw pain
Neck pain and sends a burning sensation upmthe back of my head
Feeling of bugs crawling around in my neck depending on mynposition (best way i can describe feeling)
Changes in blood pressure and heart rate ( feeling like I am having a heart attack)
Dizziness / lightheadedness
Lump in throat
Chest pain
Shoulder pain
Problems with focusing right eye
Weakness in right arm

Any input would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks so much!

Surgery is really the only cure. Pain medications can help you get by until the surgery. I've never heard of physical therapy helping very much with Eagles symptoms.

As far as I know, there are no experienced Eagles surgeons in the Seattle/Portland area. Generally with Eagles you have to travel to see a surgeon who's had experience with the surgery. You stand a much better chance at a good outcome if you go to a surgeon who has experience doing Eagles surgery. Emma has a list of experienced surgeons. Do a search for her posts and look for her most recent list - it's an enormous help for Eagles patients.

There are lots of people who've had positive surgery outcomes. In fact, I'd say just about everyone I'm aware of thinks they are better off after surgery than before and lots of people feel completely or almost completely cured.

Good luck!!