What do you lose when your styloid is removed?

Hi everybody. As you've read recently, I'm dealing with increased pain and considering surgery.

Before I jump into getting a part of my body lopped off, I really want to know from you guys what functions you LOST as a result of having your styloids removed? Anything you've noticed is worth telling me about. How is talking, swallowing, breathing in your sleep? How is anything else you do? Have you had a decrease in your ability to speak, raise your voice, sneeze, anything?


Fuzz, I lost absolutely nothing except the horrible pain i was in. My styloid is something I don't miss at all.

Hello Fuzz,

I had intra-oral surgery which helped and did not miss anything...I sing professionally and teach private voice in my home. No difference from that surgery. However, I will have a second surgery to remove the rest of the bone since my pain only subsided that is went from a 9-10+ to a 5-6 level. So need to get the rest of the styloid out external incision this time with Dr. Samji in San Jose.

Everyone's journey is different with this since you will come across different ways to treat, and cope with what ever you may be dealing with it.

All the best,


Hello Fuzz,

I lost nothing at all and I am doing great! I am very thankful that I got it done. I have it bilaterally but my right side was the one causing most of my issues so I am in no hurry to have it done again unless It gets bad on the left side. Best wishes for a sucessful surgery.



I should add, I was able to swallow much better as well. My symptoms only improved, I can honestly say, it was a blessing to get even the 1 cm. trimmed off already! I am praying that Samji can help with the rest, as I am ready to pursue more singing along the way!