3D Rendering of my CT

I know you can't dx, but I'm hoping you can help me identify structures and give an assessment of length of the styloid/stylohyoid. I've searched Google images to try to get a sense of normal length and elongated structures, but still can't tell. Your collective experience may be a better gauge of length than what Google can tell me...

This image was created with 3D Slicer - with the immensely helpful tutorial by SnappleofDiscord. You're looking at my right side (symptomatic side). There's no tilt to the image, it's a straight look at the right side of my head.

Is the structure that descends from my "ear" to the back of my jawbone the styloid/stylohyoid? Is it long?

Thanks in advance for your collective wisdom on the matter!

16-Picture1.jpg (13.8 KB)

Can't really tell from the pic whether it's the styloid process, or the stylo-hyoid ligament, but it looks like calcification- not that we're experts!

I agree, it looks suspicious and pretty long. Could be a combo of the styloid process and calcified stylohyoid ligament.

Thanks for the insight.

I generated this image from my existing (NON 3D) CT -- for which no doctor has detected this feature. Do you think a doctor would take this as credible evidence for ES? Or do you think s/he would only accept this if it came from another MD?

I guess what I'm wondering is if I should take this (and other images I've generated) to the doc in Seattle or is it a lost cause?

Can't answer that question for sure. I think it would be a good way to start a discussion for further investigation. I'd at least try if I were you. I had a CT without contrast & my styloids were very visible. The only thing that can't be determined w/o contrast is whether there's vascular involvement or not. I did have vascular symptoms on one side so assume something important was being restricted. Those symptoms are gone now that I've had the surgery. I posted my CT pics. If you click the photos link above, there are a number of CT pics. Mine are on pg 3 - the two right hand pics in the top row & the 2 left hand pics in the 2nd row. My ligaments were partially calcified & my styloids were pretty long. Never heard how long though.

Could you approach the doctor who tentatively diagnosed you first with these images, as they seem sympathetic? I don't understand why it wasn't visible on the CT ... if all else fails, definitely take it with you and ask the Seattle doc to explain it.

Thanks for the suggestion, Jules. I think that's a good start, too. If anything else, I think it's evidence that warrants further investigation. If my original doc agrees, perhaps he can order further tests. Either he can use the tests to definitively dx ES and I don't have to see the Seattle doc or I have a better workup to bring with me when I see the Seattle doc.

Thanks again for your support and suggestions. I'll let you know how it goes...