What ive been going through for the past 6 years

Hi everyone , I too have found out i have eagle's syndrome 28th feb 2013, i had noticed 6 years ago things was'nt quite right , pain in my neck, ears, shoulders and hands for some reason started to sweat but even when it wasnt hot,my throat but also finding it harder to swollow any type of food and drinks, headaches, so off the the dr id be complaining ,i was told all the time no throat nor ear infection , my neck and shoulders dr would say oh i must of lifted something too heavy the day before at work that was a lie im a cashier, or the dr would say i must of slept the wrong way so i kept buying diffrent pillows everything stayed the same, the swollowing part i thought was because on my mums side of the family we have a little extra skin ,i asked around if any of my cusins had the same problem they all said no, and since i was 8 years old ive suffered with server mirgraines , then last month i had a server headache for the week, the following week i had a mirgraine attack , off to the drs she thought i had a brain tumor so off to have a ct scan got the results back dr said well you dont have a brain tumor you have something ive never heard off before she googled it up and thats how we found out about this ,so sent off all info to the local hospital and im on the waiting list ,ive been to the hospital acouple of times they gave me pain killers that did nothing and said my appointment with the neruo surgeon ill still have to stay on the waiting list, ive hardly been at work in the past month as im in retail and not a sit down when ever i feel like job :-(, its a bit frastrating that others around me just dont really understand with how much agony you go through, and ontop of this i also have lymph node on the side of me head and the lump is getting bigger, and that is aganizing also, im slowly loosing weight because it hurts so much trying to swollow ,at work today we had bring a plate of food to raise money , i didnt go i was too ashamed to eat around anyone because i really take my time or ill start chocking , has anyone have the same thing with finding it hard to swollow? the waiting list in the public hosital system here in australia you could be waiting for months :-( it was one of my friends who had googled up eagles syndrome and she also came across this support group ,then left me a message she told me this would be helpful for me to communicate with others in the same situation and learn more