What next for me?

Omlie is no longer operating and Garvis doesn’t think all my symptoms are caused by eagles he thinks I have Pseudotumor cerebri of an intermittent leak, how many people have had eagle surgery with jugular compression and had severe dizziness, light sensitivity and headaches disappear after surgery???
Also anyone know of any other surgeons specifically vascular ones near me, north Minnesota ??

It’s really a shame that Dr. Omlie hs stopped doing a surgeries as he helped several of our members significantly.

Many of our members who have/had vascular ES had similar symptoms to yours & have had complete or almost complete remission after the styloid(s) was/were removed & the IJV re-opened.
Unfortunately, the only other surgeons we have on our list who deal w/ VES are not in your state: Hepworth in Denver, Cognetti (maybe takes care of vascular compression) in Philadelphia & Hackman in NC.

It is possible there is someone else in your area who is as yet undiscovered by this forum. We have a few members who’ve had ES surgery done by a vascular surgeon or a neurosurgeon or maxillofacial surgeon. Some vascular surgeons work together w/ a neurosurgeon when doing ES surgery & vice versa.

I sure wish I could help you more. We are supremely frustrated abt Dr. Omlie’s decision to table ES surgeries going forward.

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That’s such a shame Dr Omlie not doing surgery…there were some discussions about this & I thought it was only temporary, can’t find the info right now, & sorry if you were part of that discussion & I’ve forgotten…Dr Omlie was doing surgery with his nephew, Dr James Omlie who I believe is a vascular surgeon, I don’t know if it’s worth trying to see him?
I had bilateral compression of the jugular veins & surgery has helped me so much, all the vascular symptoms have pretty much gone.
I hope that you can find someone to help you!

Hepworth is not seeing any out of state patients right now, I’ll research the other two

I’m so sorry to hear about Dr Omlie it really is just sad that we lost a good ES surgeon. Not to mention how few we have to really begin with. I had to travel to see any doctors and did so from buffalo NY to UNC to see Dr Hackman. Took a few months to get the appointment so if your interested in seeing him I would suggest trying to schedule something soon. My ENT sent the referral over to their office and I got the call either same day or the next. It was quick. As far as surgery goes they could’ve gotten me in next month and my god do I wish I could’ve done it. But I just so happen to be moving to FL in September. So yeah. Timing for me is not great, however that’s usual for me. So I’m scheduled for the end of October for the left side currently. We have a follow up call the 31st. He wasn’t able to access my scans while I was there (said it happens all the time with outside scans) but I did get confirmation they did get successfully uploaded so I will look forward to see what he has to say when I speak to him about the other side. It’s calcified as well just not we problematic as the left. He said he will do both all it means to him is more time in the OR however he won’t just cut for the sake of cutting (which i really appreciate such honesty, especially from a surgeon this is what he does!) so we shall see. I will be THRILLED to get this left side done. And thrilled to see what If any thing it does to help any of my symptoms.

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