Dr. Omlie in Minnesota

I’m new here! I have a confirmed ES diagnosis from a CT showing compression of both internal jugular veins, left side more than right due to calcification of the ligaments. Everything I’ve found says Dr. Omlie is the go-to for this, yet I called their office to schedule something with him, and I received a call back that he does not treat or see patients with ES. I’m very confused by this answer given I’ve seen on this forum that he’s seen patients and treated patients for this all the way up until 2022 (from the last I can tell here).

Does anybody have any input on what I’m being told? I told the scheduler that I’d like to use different terminology like calcification of stylohyoid ligaments with compression of jugular veins, and she said she would talk to the nurses again but said she doesn’t see any other outcome from her asking.

Needless to say, I find this devastating to be told. I don’t know if anybody else has been told this recently as well? Any input is appreciated.

Well…I think I saw someone mention that a while back. See the link below. Sorry really don’t have answer for you.


Thank you! I’m new so still trying to navigate the site. I appreciate the link :+1:t2:

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@csulli6 - Welcome to our forum! I’ll take Dr. Omlie’s name off our Doctors List. We’d left it there in the hope that his “retirement” from doing ES surgeries was temporary but enough time has past now that it seems permanent. We’re always sorry to lose good ES surgeons, however, he did not deal with vascular ES. We only have two doctors in the U.S. that we confidently refer our vascular ES patients to for IJV decompression - Dr. Costantino in White Plains, NY, & Dr. Hepworth in Denver, CO.

Compression of the IJVs is now referred to as Vascular Outflow Obstruction or VOO in the medical world. Dr. Costantino has a shorter wait time for an appointment & will do a virtual initial consult whereas Dr. Hepworth requires in person initial consults with his NP then a couple days later, a follow-up with him either virtually or in person.

I highly recommend in-person initial consults unless the cost to travel is prohibitive or physically not feasible due to symptoms. We’ve recently had several members comment that their virtual appointments (not just w/ these two doctors) felt like wasted time & money as they weren’t able to address their symptoms & concerns fully. In-person appts. seem often to be allotted more time & attention.