Will it return after meds

I have been taking medication for 1 month starting to feel better but pain comes when over use my neck . I return to work in 3 weeks high reach forklift driver where your moving neck constantly and will stop taking medication
i now thinking i should get another job
So it dosent come back as strong

So my question is if i continue to over use neck and stop taking medication whats the chances will it come back ? Anyone have experience this

Hi Trevor! I think sadly that your job is going to be a nightmare for someone with a neck problem, I think keep having to look up & all around you will be very painful. I’m guessing that maybe you can’t take the Gabapentin with a job like that, is it a medication which can make you drowsy? I f you were able to change your job, presumably you could stay on the Gabapentin then, as it helps? You can be on it long term. But these sort of medications only work while you continue to take them- it’s not a cure, the only real cure for ES is to have the styloids removed.
Obviously I have never done a job like yours, so can’t speak from experience, but found that turning my neck alot was very painful for ES, flexion & extension was painful too, lifting as well.
If it is possible for you to look for something else, then that would be a good idea…is there any possibility of you being able to have surgery? I know finding doctors in Australia is difficult.

Hi thanks for the reply
My Eagle syndrome seems to come and go with movement and lifting aswell . Sneezing hurts alot
My wife has taken on extra shifts in the mean time while im on gabpentin
My doctor dosent want me to think bout surgery yet .
It getting depressing but have kids to cheer me up and stress me out lol
So the pain we return ?

Will return i ment to write
I think only 2 doctors in my state have done surgery hand full of times

I would imagine that the pain will come back, yes. The styloids will carry on compressing nerves/ irritating them as long as they’re still in there, the Gabapentin if it’s helping will just be masking that, it’s not curing or healing the nerves.
Sneezing’s quite a common thing to set off ES pain too. Some members have found their ES pain flares & then eases, so you might have a spell of it improving, but it’s not likely to go permanently.

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Thanks Jules
Its good to hear from someone with clear answers
So hard to get anything out of my ENT
Your a champion cheers mate