X-ray input?

I have a separate post regarding my symptoms and story. Currently pregnant so can’t get a CT. Was able to get some basic X-rays from my chiropractor from almost a year ago. Curious if anyone can tell anything from these or if it really doesn’t help anything. I had a little input on my last post but curious for more info if any regarding elongation, calcification, angle… anything! You might have to zoom in sorry!

Just really over all of my symptoms and feeling this way everyday :frowning:


I’m far from an expert at looking at x-rays & being able to see anything, but it seems to me that w/ your head tipped back that far, your jawbone may be blocking the view of your styloid. I guess I didn’t see the comments on your other post w/ this image, but I do remember seeing the image previously. Will need to go back & look for it. I’m really sorry I can’t offer you more info. Hopefully one of our superstar CT/X-ray reading members will comment if the styloid is visible.

It’s ok! I did clarify on my other post the styloid with someone else (hopefully it’s correct) and it seems to be poking into my jaw a little bit. On my other post the user circled it in red to confirm for me. I was just curious as it’s the only form of imaging I have of my jaw area! Thanks again :slight_smile:

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