2 days post op with Samji

I am officially 2 days post op with dr. Samji. He is honestly one of the nicest/ greatest people I have ever met. Still experiencing some intense ear pain but I’m just looking forward to the future when everything is healed. Anesthesiologist called me to let me know he heard something with my heart while I was under. So I have to get that all checked out. But the entire team was so amazing and on top of everything. Also thanks to this site for helping me find Samji


Glad you’re doing alright. I wish you a speedy recovery.

I also had surgery with Dr Samji two days ago and agree that he is a great surgeon- so happy I chose him. Hope you’re recovering well. Do you live in the area, or are you visiting from out of town? I live in WA and it’s been a lot easier traveling for surgery than I had imagined.

I’m from a town 2/3 hours from San Jose. So I’m fairly local! My parents did the drive directly after surgery and I slept the whole way. It was a super easy travel for me

Nice, glad that worked out well for you.

Glad that your surgery is over with, & hope that the ear pain settles soon. I hope that the heart problem turns out to be something easily treated, good that it’s discovered…
God Bless, Jules :hugs::bouquet:

So glad surgery is behind you & you’re doing well. Post op ear pain isn’t uncommon. It should subside as you heal. Glad the anesthesiologist was on the ball & hope the heart issue is nothing serious.


Hi, really happy to hear you liked Dr Samji. I just recently had diagnoses with another ENT last week for Eagles S. My right side is the side affected by about 1.5 inch segment of calcified styloid tendon digging into my throat and needs removal. The left side it’s a bit smaller but no symptoms on left. Curious - dr said to just watch the left and operate on the right to remove through side of throat. I see Dr Samji on June 15 for his opinion since my ENT has only done 1-2 of these surgeries a year and seems Dr Samji has done a lot. I’m lucky i live about 10 minutes from one of his San Jose offices. Hope you heal great!

I was just diagnosed with ES and have a call into Dr. Samji. His clinic is about 4 hours from my home, but totally worth it if he is the expert. How long did it take to get an appointment? From there, how long until the surgery? Can anyone tell me if an overnight stay in the hospital is required, or is it done on an outpatient basis? I am rather nervous about all this. Lots of questions.

Hi Kaytee!

Dr. Samji is on vacation right now & won’t be back till mid-June. There are at least a couple of people from this forum who will be having surgery w/ him for ES shortly after he returns.
The quickest way to get an appointment is to contact his medical assistant, Kim Elliot, via email - kimberly @ caminoent . com. I’ve put random spaces in the email as this site will block it if I put it in correct format. You’ll need to send your CT scans to him along w/ the radiology report. Once those are received it’s fairly quick to get an appointment (w/in a week or two) & then surgery (w/ in a month). You may want to schedule a consult appointment w/ him by phone (for a fee but will save you driving all the way to San Jose). Once surgery is scheduled, you’ll be required to come up for a pre-op appointment. He does his ES surgeries on Mondays (pre-op is Friday before) & Wednesdays (pre-op is either Friday or Tues. before) & then stay for a post op appt - the Friday after surgery for Mon. surgeries & not sure when the post ops are for Wed. surgeries but probably the Tues. after the surgery.
Dr. Samji prefers to do the surgeries outpatient at the Los Gatos Surgery Center but if there are health complications or insurance requirements, he will do sugery inpatient at Good Samaritan Hospital w/ an overnight stay.
He is an awesome doctor w/ a great bedside manner. He is well respected in the surgical community in Silicon Valley & perhaps beyond.
He did my surgeries in 2014 & 2015 & I’m so thankful I chose to have him take care of my ES.


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