2nd surgery completed

Had 2nd styloid removal last Friday and still sore on the right side but the nerve pain is completely gone.

It is truly amazing after 25 years of pain to have that gone!

I went to Cleveland Clinic again and I cannot recommend them enough. I wish that hospital was closer to me as I would go there for a tooth ache now before I would go to any hospital in NKY or Cincinnati. There is a big difference in hospitals and doctors!

I hope everyone can find a doc and hospital that will help them like I have.

I feel like I want to celebrate but still waiting for the right side to heal! It is hard to sit still when I am feeling better.

Forgot to mention the right side was only 4 and 1/2 inches long compared to the 5 inch one removed on my left side last year.

Pleased that you're feeling good DJ, and hope that you continue to heal well!

5 inches?

Was your surgery external? Do they admit you & keep you overnight for that?