Made it out of surgery

Hey everyone I made it out of surgery and wow Dr. Samji is amazing and his staff at his office and everyone at Good Samaritan Hospital in San Jose California best health care I’ve ever received with the exception of my neck surgery done by dr William Beringer’s staff and office staff in Honolulu two amazing lifesavers the are ahead of their fields .it been three days and I’m feeling like the weight of the world has been cut out of my neck unbelievable how much better I feel in three days after five years I would recommend this surgery to anyone who is suffering like I have all this time Dr. Samji is my hero and I can’t wait to thank him tomorrow for saving my life and to setup my next app to have surgery to remove this Last styloid hopefully by July this will be over as far as eagles syndrome goes o m g I feel amazingly blessed and better would recommend this to anyone suffering like this the best dr for this disease is Dr. Hussein Samji San Jose California don’t waste your time with anyone else if you have GO see him he’s the master and god bless his nurses and especially Kimberly Elliott she’s the bees knees and is unbelievablely on her job and to the staff at Linda hirakami impeccable they had my back through all this and put up with me from day one god bless you Fran and miss Linda for all you have done for me and kept me safe thank you all and I’ll keep you posted on my recovery at this point I’m so happy that this is almost over god bless you and your ohana Jules and the eagles syndrome organization as soon as I can I’m scheduling the next surgery tomorrow and by July should be styloids free so amen as God bless all of you as your ohana sincerely the big island buzz or buzzeagles alohaaaaaa Lance Rittenhouse

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Glad that you’re feeling good following surgery, it does vary a bit for everyone, but really pleased to hear you’re feeling a difference already! Make sure you don’t overdo things, & rush to get back to normal- lots of us have made that mistake & set recovery back!
Keep healing well, God Bless, Jules

Yes ma’am I hear you but wow Dr. Samji is a `Miracle worker and knows his job can’t believe how bad that styloid was effecting my hearing and all over well being glad to be rid of that devil horn off to Dr. Samji for Clearence to fly home so yes ma’am Dr. Samji is our man if he can’t do it then you need to find someone who can but he’s the guy great bedside manners and amazing man god bless you and your ohana Jules and I’ll keep u all posted and let you know how my healing goes can’t wait for July to remove the other side so amen to you and the other eagles syndrome patients hang in there. there’s life after eagles alohaaaaaa buzzzzzzy the buzz eagles:)))))))))))

Dr. Samji cleared me to fly home and said we see each other again in three months for removal of last styloid and freedom from neck prison so I’m so happy this ones gone and on the road to recovery he said it was big a was poking on my neck surgery I just had and was Aloha of scar tissue around it and had to take it out in pieces so may take a little while longer to heal but I’m a fast healer and will stay down the 4to6 weeks required to the day so yes ma’am very greatful fit your amazing assistants and knowledge in this disease you helped end my misery and for that I’m in your dept if ever I can be of service please don’t hesitate to ask and the doctor who is Dr. Hussein Samji is my hero and you are also my hero blessings Jules amen god bless you and your ohana Alohaaaaaa buzz eagle:)))))

So glad you’re doing so well Buzzeagles! Hope your trip home is safe, & you don’t get too tired traveling!
Dr. Samji did my surgeries, too, (2014/2015) & I second all your praise for him & for his office staff. Fortunately, I live close to his office so my traveling was a brief car trip.
And yes, there is life after ES!!

Amen yes there is amen blessings to you and Dr. Samji the healer wow wat a difference in huts few days aloha and god bless you and your family Alohaaaaaa buzzeagles

Thank you for your post. I’m having surgery in 1 week and getting a little nervous as if I’m doing the right thing. Your post reassures me! Speedy healing to you!

Happy to hear you are doing so well. Keep up the great recovery. Rest well.

Blessings and I will rest well can’t wait to sleep in my bed and my home back to life back to reality lololol thanks for all the amazing blessings Alohaaaaaa buzzeagles

Glad it all went well. God bless.

God bless you and your family to thank y’all so much home in Hawaii know and just rest and recovery 4to6 weeks so yeah much love and mana to all over you for the support it really helps and whoop whoop to Dr. Hussein Samji he is the miracle man much love from me Dr. Samji whoop whoop buzzzzzzy brosurfer

Home safe and recovery is going well I’ve been icing and resting and it’s sore but I can turn my head to the left know so much blessings and love to the Camino e n t clinic and Dr. Samji for great work and kind souls alohaaaaaa buzzzzzzy

Great news! Hope you have only Eagle free days ahead! Take it easy…

Bless you and to all of your family buzzzzzzy blessings Alohaaaaaa

Can you eat okay, or are you having soft foods? Hope you heal quickly!

Hurts to eat but I’m sure it will get better over time it’s been a week today so I’m going to be better soon just have to rest and recover so blessings to you Jules and to all called for my next appointment for surgery today so waiting on the-nurses to call me back and get on the schedule for surgery so yeah alohaaaaaa buzzzzzzy

Hope all’s healing well Buzz? Thinking of you & God Bless…

Where did you stay when you had your surgery? I’m scheduled with Dr Samji in May and looking through AirBnB options but open to suggestions.

My insurance company covered everything and my family lives in San Jose do I was really lucky hit me back I’ll think about it buzzzzzzy ok