6 Days Post Op via External - Greater Horn of Hyoid Removed & Calcified Ligament

I wanted to say thanks for all of the support and well wishes. I have been waiting to post an update as my recovery so far has been pretty tough. I can't say there was an immediate result for me. I feel like I have read on here so many times you will know immediately if it worked. I don't think that that is true at all and the fact that people say that, made me wonder if my surgery was a failure. I think for some people it was apparent that they had immediate relief. For me, I was not so lucky, but I can say I am finally healing and I am seeing some improvement. So for those of you out there like me, please know that there is hope for those that don't see immediate relief. I have hope that things will continue to improve. My throat and ear pain on my right side has gone from 10 pain wise to a 4-5. I also have palatal myoclonus and that has also slowed down since surgery.

Now about my surgery....I had external through the neck to remove the greater horn of my hyoid on the right side (which was rubbing on my spine) and my calcified ligament removed. What was different from many other surgeries on here is part of my hyoid was removed instead of my styloid, but still had the calcified ligament removed all the way up to the styloid. However, I still have so many of the same symptoms as those that had the styloidectomy and ligament removed. Something I want to pass on to others is for those who have not had relief with styloidectomies should consider having a doc look at the hyoid in more depth. Dr. Forrest thinks that hyoid causes more problems than people think.

How many people on here have had part of their hyoid removed and what were your results?

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What I am really trying to say is there are so many different symptoms and afflictions people have on here, comparing one person to another is like comparing apples to oranges. No two people are alike. That is why I appreciate this forum so much, we can learn so much about this terrible syndrome and help each other. If it wasn't for this forum, I would probably still be searching for answers and looking for a doctor to help. I may have had to travel 14 hours to get the surgery I needed, but it is thanks to you guys that I was able to get help. Just want to say thanks again.

Hi Christian, I just wanted to say I’m at 9 days post op, I had my surgery on the 3rd. I had 1 1/2 inches of my styloid/calcified ligament removed, and am just starting to feel somewhat better. My ear pain has been what’s bothered me the most. So the first week was also rough for me, but finally it seems to slowly be getting better. I just wanted to let you know you aren’t alone in having a rough recovery :slight_smile:

I hope you are feeling better as a result of the surgery.

Thank you for posting your update; it is really helpful for us who are considering surgery. I'm glad that you're feeling some improvements....hope that this continues,

God Bless

Christian22: Stay optimistic that there will more improvement each day. I haven’t had surgery, but I would imagine that there is a lot of swelling and healing that has to occur. Thanks you for sharing your experience and prayers for continued improvement!