A Day and a half after

So surgery on my right side was yesterday morning. Wasn’t too bad all. I had more fluids that was necessary for them to dismiss me afterwards. I have been eating a little bit of soft foods, drinking Gatorade, napping off and on. The left side of my tongue has been numb since the surgery, doesn’t effect my eating or drinking in any way. Thought it was kinda odd that the opposite side is what’s numb. Today it hurts more to swallow. Been keeping up in pain meds so I’m sure I’d be more sore without them. I should probably nap more than I have but I’ve not been super tired like I’d expected.


This is GREAT NEWS! So glad you’re doing well. I hope you get to feeling good quickly & that all your ES symptoms are gone once you’re fully healed. The tongue numbness should go away over the next couple of months but it is curious that it’s on the opposite side.


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Fantastic news. I’m glad all went well for you. I’m due to have surgery soon so reading your comments is certainly relaxing and making me less nervous. Thank you

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Shale- have you got a date set for surgery?

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Good Morning Jules.

Yes, my surgery is set for the 18th December with Dr Corbridge at the Royal Berkshire. I’m feeling slightly nervous as I have very mild facial paralysis and hope it doesn’t worsen.
I believe Prayer and a positive mind will get me through.

Thank you so much for asking. I will certainly keep the group updated with my experiences.



I hope that all goes well, and that you soon see the benefits of surgery! I’ll be praying for you too, and God Bless. :hugs: :bouquet:

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Thank you. :cherry_blossom:

I’ll pray, too! :sunflower::blush:

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Thank you Isaiah_40_31. :blossom:

Good luck with your surgery tomorrow Shale!! I’m finally starting to feel better, you can do this!

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Thank you all for your well wishes.

Well I had my surgery done 4 days ago by
Dr Corbridge at the Royal Berkshire Hospital. Unfortunately I had the double whammy. He initially tried the inter-oral approach but had difficulties accessing the styloid due to scar damage from a previous tonsillectomy. I now have a 4 inch horizontal incision to my neck, slight swelling and numbness in the area. The pain is moderate and I’m only able to only eat liquidised foods and yogurts. The first two days post op I felt ok and was up on my feet. Today I’ve hardly moved with exhaustion, I think I may have been a bit to keen.
Can anyone tell me roughly the stages of healing process, what to expect and when the numbness will subside etc…
Has anyone used silicone scar sheets, natural oils or Manuka Honey to aid healing? Would love to know your opinions.

Blessings to you all :pray:

Hi Shalew01!
So sorry you’re sore inside & out. It must have been a surprise to find you were operated on in two places!

Don’t worry about being more “down & out” today. Days 3-5 post op are the days you will experience the most swelling & pain. Keep with your prescribed pain medicine regimen, ice your neck 15 min on & at least 45 min off several times over the next couple of days (w/ a thin towel or washcloth between you & the ice) & REST. Also sleep w/ your head elevated. (My surgeon recommended head elevation of 30º for the first 2 weeks post op).This is a critical time to do what your body says. Patience is key with healing from this surgery. Let your family/friends wait on you this holiday season!!

General healing progression: First week is the worst as far as pain & swelling go. By the end of the second week you’ll start feeling a little bit more like yourself. Healing tends to be gradual over the next month or 2. You will have good days & bad days. The most important thing to do is listen to your body & go easy when you feel tired. Pushing yourself will slow your recovery. I remember waking up one morning about 2 months after my first ES surgery & thinking, “WOW! I feel GOOD today, normal even!!”

Regarding nerve healing, I had injury to my hypoglossal nerve which took close to 9 months to heal so my tongue had a mind of its own for awhile which made eating & talking interesting. Nerves can take up to a couple of years to heal but often it only takes a few months. I’m 3 yrs & 2.5 yrs (respectively) post op & I still have some numbness along my jawline & where my neck incisions are but don’t feel it unless I touch it. I also have first bite syndrome which has never fully resolved but it’s less bad than when it first started (at the end of my first week post op). Thankfully it’s only on one side.

The best news is that my residual troubles are nothing compared to ES symptoms. ES surgery helped me get my life back.

Happy Holidays to you!!


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Thank you so much for your words of advice, reassurance and support. They were truly appreciated. I will listen to my body and rest.

Have a wonderful Christmas and a peaceful New Year. :pray:t3:

I think from other members experiences, the intra-oral approach can be really sore & take a while to heal, so it’s rotten that you’ve ended up with both! I think eating will be tough for a while… liquidised Christmas dinner for you! Ice will help with the swelling & keep semi-upright when you’re resting- if you lay flat it will make it worse.
I didn’t ever notice it, but I’m sure Isaiah has mentioned that day 3 is often a difficult one, so that fits in with what you’ve found. Alot of members (including me!) have overdone things & then felt worse, so it is important to take it easy & not to push yourself.
I used Bio-oil on the scar once it was healed over to stop it getting tight, which was helpful, I didn’t put anything on it until all the scabbing had gone.
The numbness can take a while to go- the worst of it went within a few weeks for me, but it took a year for the last of it to go on one side, & I still have a little numbness on the other side after the second surgery- 18 months ago.
Best wishes to you & hope that you heal well, & that you’re able to enjoy Christmas! :bouquet: :hugs:

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Merry Christmas to you, too, Shalew01! May it be a blessed celebration!

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Merry Christmas to you Jules.
May you given the true blessings of Christmas:
Hope Peace and Love!!! :christmas_tree:

Merry Christmas to you Isaiah_40_31
May you given the true blessings of Christmas:
Hope Peace and Love!!! :christmas_tree: