Merry Christmas

Wishing everyone a peaceful Christmas! :christmas_tree:
For those of you healing from surgery, I hope that you’re able to enjoy time spent with family & friends & can talk & swallow properly! And for those who are still suffering, I hope that your family supports you and that 2019 will be the year you get treatment.
God Bless, Jules


Merry Christmas to everybody :smiley:

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Thank you Jules and for all your support on here. Hope you had a lovely Christmas.
I was called in for my second surgery 3 weeks ago and thankfully it wasn’t cancelled this time. All went well and I will post an update soon.
Thanks again.
Wishing you a happy new year!
Pumpkin :blush:

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So glad you had your second surgery. Hoping you feel positive changes already! Hoping you were able to enjoy Christmas.
Sending wishes for a very healthy new year!

Thank you, Jules! You are amazing!! Wishing the same for you over the holidays & a very special & happy year in 2019.

Hope that you’re healing well! Best wishes for 2019 :tada:

You too! Your advice is so helpful…an amazing 2019 for you too🎉

Thank you Jules!
I hope your holidays have been peaceful and happy. You and so many others here have changed my perspective in such a positive way this past year. Truthfully, not sure I would have made it without all of the awesome folks here! Onward and upward and Very Best Wishes for the coming year!

Thank You Jules, You are always very thoughtful. I too wish everyone who are healed and who are still pursuing their healing a happy season and that our Creator will hear all prayers for a better life and healing. On January 8, 2019 I will be going back to Dr. Krempl for a visit. I am well and so far am not having any issues.

My surgeon is no longer on this Earth but, Dr. Krempl is the one who diagnosed me after suffering with ES for 17 yrs. I just want to make sure that the styloid never calcifies, EVER. I also never saw him after my surgeon Dr. R Layton Runkle did the surgery. I am excited to see him again. Have not seen him since 2004 and I have been booked to see him since October. I will let you guys know how my visit went.

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