Anybody else been diagnosed with MALS?

So I saw Dr. Hepworth today. He said my CT scan shows “moderate evidence” that I have MALS. I asked him if this was a theory or a diagnosis. He said it is a diagnosis.

So now I’m learning all I can about MALS. I guess it explains some of the GI issues I’ve had that nobody has been able to diagnose. I’m not sure it explains my shortness of breath, but I hope it does.

I just had upper and lower endoscopies this week. That surgeon, Dr. Canfield, is apparently experienced with MALS surgery as well. So I will be chatting with him in a couple of weeks. In the mean time, Dr. H wants me to see a naturopath named Cheri King about my digestive issues.

So, anybody else dealt with MALS? What were your symptoms? Anybody had the surgery. I just have no idea what to expect!

So sorry that your journey’s over yet, Bopper :hugs:
I’d never heard of it before so had to google it…Hope that you can get some treatment and maybe don’t need the surgery :pray:

Hi @Bopper - If it’s not one thing it’s another, eh? I’m glad Dr. Hepworth is so knowledgeable & observant. Though I’m sorry you have MALS (I’ve heard of it but don’t think I know anyone that’s been diagnosed with it), I’m glad you now have a diagnosis that explains some of the symptoms you still have.

Dr. Hep may be sending you to a naturopath to check for SIBO (small intestine bacteria overgrowth). This is something most “Western Medicine” docs don’t look for or treat, but it’s a frontline item to check for in cases of intestinal distress in the world of naturopaths & functional med doctors. Treatment is antibiotics, pre & probiotics & a very restricted diet (it’s temporary not life long). A breath test is used to diagnose it.

I also hope surgery can be avoided if symptoms can be curtailed other ways.

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It’s funny you should mention SIBO. I was just tested for it. I was SO sure I had it. Almost disappointed to find that I didn’t. I just wanted to have something that is easy to treat!!!

We will see if surgery can be avoided. Right now, I’m up for just about anything if it will actually make it better!

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@Bopper - Honestly, I’m really glad you don’t have SIBO, but I do understand that treating it would be easier than recovering from surgery. I have several friends who were diagnosed w/ it & had a terrible time getting rid of it even when they adhered strictly to the diet, meds, & supplements protocol. I was tested for it a few years ago & also came up negative, thankfully.

Maybe the surgery isn’t horribly invasive i.e. can be done laparoscopically so healing is quicker & pain is less. :crossed_fingers:

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The weird thing is, I tested positive for SIBO back in 2018. But life got weird, and I never treated it. So I expected to have a raging case of it now. Instead, nothing. So apparently I cured myself accidentally!

From what I have read, MALS surgery can be open, laparoscopic or robotic. Plenty of options!!


Glad to know the surgery has options. I hope Dr. Canfield can do it as uninvasively (is that a word :crazy_face:) as possible if you need it.